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WAC 260-24-500: Racing Officials

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 260 > Chapter 260-24 > Section 260-24-500



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 260-24-500

Racing officials.

(1) Officials at a race meet include the following:
(a) Stewards;
(b) Racing secretary;
(c) Assistant racing secretary;
(d) Horsemen's bookkeeper;
(e) Mutuel manager or designee;
(f) Official veterinarian(s);
(g) Horse identifier;
(h) Paddock judge;
(i) Starter;
(j) Assistant starters;
(k) Security director, association;
(l) Commission investigator(s);
(m) Commission auditor;
(n) Clerk of scales;
(o) Jockey room supervisor;
(p) Film analyst;
(q) Clocker(s);
(r) Race timer;
(s) Paddock plater;
(t) Mutuel inspector;
(u) Outrider(s);
(v) Any other person designated by the commission.
(2) The association officials of a race meet will include but are not limited to: Racing secretary, mutuel manager, starter, horsemen's bookkeeper, association security director, jockey room supervisor and outrider(s).
(3) Eligibility:
(a) To qualify as a racing official, the appointee must be;
(i) Of good character and reputation;
(ii) Familiar with the duties of the position and with the commission's rules of racing;
(iii) Mentally and physically able to perform the duties of the job; and
(iv) In good standing and not under suspension or ineligible in any recognized racing jurisdiction.
(b) To qualify for appointment as a steward the appointee must be an Racing Officials Accreditation Program-accredited steward, unless the appointee has been appointed as a substitute steward as provided in WAC 260-24-510, and be in good standing with all Association of Racing Commissioners International member jurisdictions. The commission may waive this accreditation requirement for Class C race meets.
(4) The commission, in its sole discretion, may determine the eligibility of a racing official and, in its sole discretion, may approve or disapprove any such official for licensing.
(5) While serving in an official capacity, racing officials may not:
(a) Sell or solicit horse insurance on any horse racing at the meet;
(b) Be licensed in any other capacity without permission of the board of stewards;
If the board of stewards approves a racing official to be licensed in any other capacity, the board of stewards may impose conditions that may include participating in the sale, purchase, claim, or ownership of any horse racing at the meet;
(c) Consume or be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs while performing official duties.
(6) The following association officials are prohibited from wagering on the outcome of any horse race at the race meet under the jurisdiction of the commission:
(a) Stewards;
(b) Racing secretary;
(c) Assistant racing secretary;
(d) Starter;
(e) Assistant starters;
(f) Jockey room supervisor;
(g) Paddock plater;
(h) Outriders;
(i) Mutuel manager or designee.
(7) Racing officials must immediately report to the stewards every observed violation of these rules.
(8) Complaints against officials:
(a) Any complaint against an association racing official other than a steward will be made to the board of stewards in writing and signed by the complainant. The presiding steward will report to the executive secretary the action taken or recommended by the board of stewards. The executive secretary will determine whether the matter will be referred to the commission. The board of stewards will notify the complainant, in writing, of the action taken or recommended;
(b) Any complaint against a commission racing official, including an association steward, will be made to the executive secretary. The executive secretary will, if able, notify the complainant in writing of the action taken.
(9) Should any steward be absent at race time, and no approved alternate steward be available, the remaining stewards may appoint a substitute for the absent steward. If a substitute steward is appointed, the presiding steward will notify the executive secretary and the association.
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