Section 45-29-243.02

Published: 2015

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Section 45-29-243.02

Section 45-29-243.02Enforcement.

It shall be the duty of the county commission of Fayette County to enforce this part upon its imposing the tax thereunder, and it shall have the right itself, or its members or its agents, to examine the books, reports, and accounts of every dealer, storer, or distributor engaged in the business for which the tax is hereby levied and to make any and all rules and regulations necessary and proper for the collection of such tax. Provided, however, upon resolution of the Fayette County Commission, the State Department of Revenue is hereby authorized and directed to collect all taxes now or hereafter levied by the county under this part. The tax hereby levied shall be paid by affixing stamps as is required for the payment of the tax imposed by Section 40-25-1 through Section 40-25-28. The State Department of Revenue, if requested by resolution of the Fayette County Commission, to collect all county privilege licenses or taxes specified in Section 45-29-243, for as long as the department is requested to collect the levies, shall have the same duties relative to the preparation and sale of stamps to evidence the payment of such tax that it has relative to the preparation and sale of stamps under those sections and may exercise the same powers and perform the same duties in the same manner relative to the collection of the tax hereby levied that it does relative to the collection of that tax. However, in the event the required stamps are not available for affixing to tobacco products packages and containers or, by the authority of a duly promulgated regulation eliminating the requirement of affixing stamps and replacing such requirement, a monthly reporting system approved by the Department of Revenue shall be accepted as evidence of payment of such taxes.

(Act 89-229, p. 279, §3.)