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§45-57-5  Powers of the board of directors. –

Published: 2015

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Towns and cities


Winnisimet Farm Road District

SECTION 45-57-5

   § 45-57-5  Powers of the board of

directors. –

The board of directors of the Winnisimet Farm Road District, in addition to any

other powers conferred by this chapter, have the power:

   (a) To conduct the business and affairs of the district as

approved at annual meetings by a majority vote of electors in attendance;

   (b) To adopt and amend budgets for revenues, and reserves,

and to collect assessments;

   (c) To make contracts and incur liabilities on behalf of the


   (d) To regulate the use, maintenance, repair, replacement,

and modification of common elements;

   (e) To file liens on lots of record for nonpayment of


   (f) To approve curb cuts for new construction within the


   (g) Subject to the provisions of this chapter, to expend and

disperse monies as needed to accomplish the purpose of this chapter and of the


   (h) Subject to the provisions of this chapter, to acquire by

purchase, lease, gift, devise real or personal property required for any

district purpose;

   (i) Subject to provisions of this chapter, to lease or convey

any real property owned by the district or to grant an easement or license with

respect to such property, on such terms and conditions as the board may


   (j) To maintain premises and to provide supervision, control

and maintenance thereof;

   (k) To accept gifts of money and personalty;

   (l) To hire whatever employees, advisors and consultants

which are deemed required from time to time to accomplish the district purposes;

   (m) To manage and control the property of the district and to

insure that property against loss or damage from any risk whatsoever;

   (n) To place upon the ballot at any annual or special

election any proposition which must be approved by the electors pursuant to

§ 45-57-6 of this chapter;

   (o) To purchase and maintain insurance to indemnify officers

of the district; provided, however, that any officer shall be indemnified only

if the officer, at the time the claim or cause of action arose or damages were

sustained, was acting in the discharge of or within the scope of his or her

authorized duties and that the claim or cause of action or damages sustained

did not result from the intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence of that


History of Section.

(P.L. 1999, ch. 79, § 2.)