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WAC 173-340-380: Cleanup Action Plan

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 173 > Chapter 173-340 > Section 173-340-380



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 173-340-380

Cleanup action plan.

(1) Draft cleanup action plan. The department shall issue a draft cleanup action plan for a cleanup action to be conducted by the department or by a potentially liable person under an order or decree. The level of detail in the draft cleanup action plan shall be commensurate with the complexity of the site and proposed cleanup action.
(a) The draft cleanup action plan shall include the following:
(i) A general description of the proposed cleanup action developed in accordance with WAC 173-340-350 through 173-340-390.
(ii) A summary of the rationale for selecting the proposed alternative.
(iii) A brief summary of other cleanup action alternatives evaluated in the remedial investigation/feasibility study.
(iv) Cleanup standards and, where applicable, remediation levels, for each hazardous substance and for each medium of concern at the site.
(v) The schedule for implementation of the cleanup action plan including, if known, restoration time frame.
(vi) Institutional controls, if any, required as part of the proposed cleanup action.
(vii) Applicable state and federal laws, if any, for the proposed cleanup action, when these are known at this step in the cleanup process (this does not preclude subsequent identification of applicable state and federal laws).
(viii) A preliminary determination by the department that the proposed cleanup action will comply with WAC 173-340-360.
(ix) Where the cleanup action involves on-site containment, specification of the types, levels, and amounts of hazardous substances remaining on site and the measures that will be used to prevent migration and contact with those substances.
(b) For routine actions the department may use an order or decree to fulfill the requirements of a cleanup action plan, provided that the information in (a) of this subsection is included in an order or decree. The scope of detail for the required information shall be commensurate with the complexity of the site and proposed cleanup action.
(2) Public participation. The department will provide public notice and opportunity for comment on the draft cleanup plan, as required in WAC 173-340-600(13).
(3) Final cleanup action plan. After review and consideration of the comments received during the public comment period, the department shall issue a final cleanup action plan and publish its availability in the Site Register and by other appropriate methods. If the department determines, following the implementation of the preferred alternative, that the cleanup standards or, where applicable, remediation levels established in the cleanup action plan cannot be achieved, the department shall issue public notice of this determination.
(4) Federal cleanup sites. For federal cleanup sites, a record of decision or order or consent decree prepared under the federal cleanup law may be used by the department to meet the requirements of this section provided:
(a) The cleanup action meets the requirements under WAC 173-340-360;
(b) The state has concurred with the cleanup action; and
(c) An opportunity was provided for the public to comment on the cleanup action.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.105D RCW. WSR 01-05-024 (Order 97-09A), § 173-340-380, filed 2/12/01, effective 8/15/01.]