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WAC 434-840-020: Exercise of program participant's privileges

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 434 > Chapter 434-840 > Section 434-840-020



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 434-840-020

Exercise of program participant's privileges.

(1) At the time any state or local government agency creates a new record or updates an existing record, a program participant may request that the agency use the substitute mailing address as the participant's residence, work and/or school address.
(2) A program participant shall show her or his authorization card to the agency official creating a new record and request address confidentiality through the use of the substitute mailing address as it appears on the authorization card, in lieu of her or his actual location.
(3) The agency official creating a new record may make a file photocopy of the authorization card and shall immediately return the authorization card to the program participant. The agency official may call the program to verify an individual's current participation status in the program.
(4) An agency shall accept the substitute mailing address unless the agency has received a written exemption from the secretary of state pursuant to RCW 40.24.050 and WAC 434-840-070.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.24.090. WSR 05-13-059, § 434-840-020, filed 6/9/05, effective 7/10/05; WSR 98-19-063, § 434-840-020, filed 9/16/98, effective 10/17/98. Statutory Authority: 1991 c 23. WSR 91-20-074, § 434-840-020, filed 9/26/91, effective 10/27/91.]