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WAC 388-865-0720: Certification Process

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 388 > Chapter 388-865 > Section 388-865-0720



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WAC 388-865-0720

Certification process.

The mental health division (MHD) grants certification based on compliance with the minimum standards set forth in this chapter.
(1) To be certified to provide clubhouse services, an organization must comply with the following:
(a) Meet all requirements for applicable city, county and state licenses and inspections.
(b) Complete and submit an application for certification to MHD.
(c) Successfully complete an on-site certification review by MHD to determine compliance with the minimum clubhouse standards, as set forth in this chapter.
(d) Initial applicants that can show that they have all organizational structures and written policies in place, but lack the performance history to demonstrate that they meet minimum standards, may be granted initial certification for up to one year. Successful completion of an on-site certification review is required prior to the expiration of initial certification.
(2) Upon certification, clubhouses will undergo periodic on-site certification reviews.
(a) The frequency of certification reviews is determined by the on-site review score as follows:
(i) A compliance score of ninety percent or above results in the next certification review occurring in three years;
(ii) A compliance score of eighty percent to eighty-nine percent results in the next certification review occurring in two years;
(iii) A compliance score of seventy percent to seventy-nine percent results in the next certification review occurring in one year; or
(iv) A compliance score below seventy percent results in a probationary certification.
(b) Any facet of an on-site review resulting in a compliance score below ninety percent requires a corrective action plan approved by MHD.
(3) Probationary certification may be issued by MHD if:
(a) A clubhouse fails to conform to applicable law, rules, regulations, or state minimum standards; or
(b) There is imminent risk to consumer health and safety;
(4) MHD may suspend or revoke a clubhouse's certification, or refuse to grant or renew a clubhouse's certification if a clubhouse fails to correct deficiencies as mutually agreed to in the corrective action plan with MHD.
(5) A clubhouse may appeal a certification decision by MHD.
(a) To appeal a decision, the clubhouse must submit a written application asking for an administrative hearing. An application must be submitted through a method that shows written proof of receipt to: Office of Administrative Hearings, P.O. Box 42489, Olympia, WA 98504-2489. An application must be received within twenty-eight calendar days of the date of the contested decision, and must include:
(i) The issue to be reviewed and the date the decision was made;
(ii) A specific statement of the issue and regulation involved;
(iii) The grounds for contesting the decision;
(iv) A copy of MHD's decision that is being contested; and
(v) The name, signature, and address of the clubhouse director.
(b) The hearing decision will be made according to the provisions of chapter 34.05 RCW and chapter 388-02 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71.24.025, 71.24.035, and 2007 c 414. WSR 08-14-080, § 388-865-0720, filed 6/26/08, effective 7/27/08.]