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WAC 246-222-030: Instructions to workers

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 246 > Chapter 246-222 > Section 246-222-030



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 246-222-030

Instructions to workers.

(1) All individuals likely to receive in a year an occupational dose in excess of 1 mSv (100 mrem):
(a) Shall be kept informed of the storage, transfer, or use of sources of radiation in the licensee's or registrant's facility;
(b) Shall be instructed in the health protection considerations for the individual and potential offspring associated with exposure to radiation or radioactive material, in precautions or procedures to minimize exposure, and in the purposes and functions of protective devices employed;
(c) Shall be instructed in, and instructed to observe, to the extent within the worker's control, the applicable provisions of these regulations, department form RHF-3 "Notice to employees," and license conditions for the protection of personnel from exposure to radiation or radioactive material;
(d) Shall be instructed that any worker or representative of workers who believes that a violation of the regulations, license conditions, or unnecessary exposure to radiation exists or occurred, may request an inspection by the department by oral or written notification. The notification shall set forth specific grounds for the complaint. Any such notification to the department is confidential;
(e) Shall be instructed of their right to notify the department if the individual suspects improper actions by a licensee/registrant, or conditions which may lead to a violation of these regulations, the license/registration, or unnecessary exposure to radiation or radioactive materials;
(f) Shall be instructed that employment discrimination by a licensee/registrant against an employee because of actions described in this chapter is prohibited;
(g) Shall be instructed as to their responsibility to report promptly to the licensee or registrant any condition which may constitute, lead to, or cause a violation of the act, these regulations, and licenses or unnecessary exposure to radiation or radioactive material;
(h) Shall be instructed in the appropriate response to warnings made in the event of any unusual occurrence or malfunction that may involve exposure to radiation or radioactive material; and
(i) Shall be advised as to the radiation exposure reports which workers shall be furnished pursuant to WAC 246-222-040.
(2) Records of these instructions described in subsection (1) of this section for all individuals working in, or frequenting any portion of, a restricted area shall be maintained for inspection by the department until further notice. These records shall include a copy of this section, or all the information contained in this section, along with a dated verification signature by the employee stating that the individual has received an explanation of the instructions contained in this section.
(3) In determining those individuals subject to the requirements of subsection (1) of this section, licensees and registrants shall take into consideration assigned activities during normal and abnormal situations involving exposure to sources of radiation which can reasonably be expected to occur during the life of a licensed or registered facility. The extent of these instructions shall be commensurate with potential radiological health protection considerations present in the workplace.
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