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RCW 14.08.114: Issuance of funding or refunding bonds authorized

Published: 2015

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RCWs > Title 14 > Chapter 14.08 > Section 14.08.114



RCW 14.08.114

Issuance of funding or refunding bonds authorized.

When any municipality has outstanding revenue bonds or warrants payable solely from revenues derived from the ownership, control, use and operation of the airport and all its facilities and structures thereon used and operated in connection therewith, the legislative body thereof may provide for the issuance of funding or refunding bonds to fund or refund outstanding warrants or bonds or any part thereof at or before maturity, and may combine various outstanding warrants and various series and issues of outstanding bonds in the amount thereof to be funded or refunded and may issue funding or refunding bonds to pay any redemption premium and interest payable on the outstanding revenue warrants or bonds being funded or refunded. The legislative body of the municipality shall create a special fund for the sole purpose of paying the principal of and interest on funding or refunding bonds, into which fund the legislative body shall obligate the municipality to pay an amount of the gross revenue derived from its ownership, control, use and operation of the airport and all airport facilities and structures thereon as provided in RCW 14.08.112, sufficient to pay the principal and interest as the same shall become due, and to maintain adequate reserves therefor if necessary. Bonds and the interest thereon shall be payable only out of and shall be a valid claim of the owner thereof only as against the special fund and the revenue pledged to it, and shall not constitute a general indebtedness of the municipality.
The net interest cost to maturity on funding or refunding bonds shall be at such rate or rates as shall be authorized by the legislative body.
The municipality may exchange funding or refunding bonds at par for the warrants or bonds which are being funded or refunded, or it may sell the funding or refunding bonds in the manner as it shall deem for the best interest of the municipality and its inhabitants, either at public or private sale. Funding or refunding bonds shall be governed by and issued under and in accordance with the provisions of RCW 14.08.112 with respect to revenue bonds unless there is a specific provision to the contrary in this section.
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