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WAC 365-135-050: Fees

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 365 > Chapter 365-135 > Section 365-135-050



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 365-135-050


(1) A fee schedule is hereby established, which will consist of:
(a) An allocation or reallocation fee, due at the time a request is filed with the department of commerce; and
(b) In certain cases, an extension or carryforward fee.
If an issuer's allocation or reallocation request is denied, the allocation fee, less the five hundred dollar filing fee, will be refunded.
Annually, the department will determine if an adjustment of the fees is warranted by reviewing the account of BCAP revenues and expenses for the preceding fiscal year and by considering BCAP budget projections for the following fiscal year.
(2) Payment of the fees will occur as indicated by the schedule below.
(a) Filing. Upon filing an allocation request, the issuer must submit the total allocation fee, of which the five hundred dollar filing fee is nonrefundable.
(b) Extensions and carryforwards. The department may assess an extension fee, not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars, upon any request for extension or carryforward. The extension fee must be paid prior to the extension being granted. However, if the BCAP administrator determines that an issuer's allocation fee included a sufficient amount to pay for the additional administrative expenses associated with granting or denying such a request, the additional fee shall be waived.
(c) Refunds. If a requesting issuer pays any fee greater than the amount assessed by the department, that amount shall be refunded by the department.
If the allocation request is denied or a partial allocation is approved, the issuer will receive either a full or partial refund of the allocation fee, less the five hundred dollar filing fee. Once the allocation amount is approved, the allocation fee is not refundable, even if the issuer does not issue all or any of the approved allocation.
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