Section 33-1-25

Published: 2015

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Section 33-1-25

Section 33-1-25Port authority authorized to carry fire and casualty and public liability insurance.

The Alabama State Port Authority is hereby authorized to provide insurance covering loss or damage to its properties, or any properties of others in its custody, care or control, or any properties as to which it has any insurable interest, caused by fire or other casualty; and may likewise provide insurance for the payment of damages on account of the injury to or death of persons, and the loss of or destruction of properties of others; and may pay the premiums thereon out of the revenues of the port authority. Nothing herein shall be construed to authorize or permit the institution of any civil action or proceeding in any court against the port authority for or on account of any matters referred to in this section; provided, that any contracts of insurance herein authorized may, in the discretion of the director of the port authority, provide for a direct right of action against the insurance carrier for the enforcement of any such claims or causes of action. The liability under any such policy or contract of insurance, arising out of such facts and circumstances as would bring such claim or cause of action within the provisions of Chapter 5 of Title 25 of this code, if the port authority were subject to the provisions of said law, shall be governed by the provisions of said law; provided, however, that the Director of the Alabama State Port Authority may increase the hospital and medical liability coverage if in his opinion he deems such increase of such liability coverage to be in the best interests of the port authority; the liability in all other cases from any such policy or contract of insurance, except to the extent expressly stated to the contrary therein, shall be the same as that imposed by law upon private persons, firms or corporations in like circumstances.

(Acts 1945, No. 455, p. 689, § 1; Acts 1959, No. 507, p. 1244, § 1.)