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WAC 388-14A-3316: When can a notice of support owed become a final order?

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 388 > Chapter 388-14A > Section 388-14A-3316



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WAC 388-14A-3316

When can a notice of support owed become a final order?

(1) The division of child support (DCS) may serve a notice of support owed on either the noncustodial parent (NCP) or the custodial parent (CP), as described in WAC 388-14A-3310.
(2) The notice of support owed becomes a final administrative order subject to immediate income withholding and enforcement without further notice under chapters 26.18, 26.23, 74.20, and 74.20A RCW unless one of the parties, no matter which one was served with the notice, contacts DCS within the time limits provided in this section and:
(a) Objects to the notice;
(b) Requests a hearing;
(c) Negotiates and signs an agreed settlement as provided in WAC 388-14A-3600; or
(d) Obtains a stay from the superior court.
(3) DCS treats any objection to the notice of support owed as a request for hearing on the notice.
(4) If a timely objection is filed, DCS cannot enforce the contested amounts claimed in the notice of support owed until a final order as defined in this section is entered.
(a) WAC 388-14A-3317 discusses what happens if a party makes a timely objection or request for hearing on a notice of support owed.
(b) Even after a timely objection, DCS may still enforce those parts of the support obligation listed in WAC 388-14A-3310(10).
(5) To be timely, the party must object within the following time limits:
(a) Within twenty days of service, if the notice was served in Washington state.
(b) Within sixty days of service, if the notice was served outside of Washington state.
(6) The effective date of an objection or hearing request is the date that DCS receives the objection or request for hearing.
(7) After a timely request for hearing, the final order is one of the following, whichever occurs latest:
(a) An agreed settlement or consent order under WAC 388-14A-3600; or
(b) A final order as defined in WAC 388-14A-6105 and further described in WAC 388-14A-6115.
(8) WAC 388-14A-3318 describes what happens when a party makes an untimely request for hearing on a notice of support owed.
(9) RCW 26.23.110 provides that if a party who receives a notice of support owed does not initiate an action in superior court and serve notice on DCS and on the other party to the support order within twenty days after service of the notice, that party is considered to have made an election of remedies. This means that the party (either the CP or the NCP) must exhaust the administrative remedies under chapter 26.23 RCW before bringing a court action to challenge the notice.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 26.09.105(17), 26.18.170(19), 26.23.050(8), 26.23.110(14), 34.05.020, 34.05.060, 34.05.220, 74.08.090, 74.20.040, 74.20A.055(9), and 74.20A.056(11). WSR 11-12-006, § 388-14A-3316, filed 5/19/11, effective 6/19/11.]