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§5-8-3  Board – Creation – Duties – Composition – Appointments – Terms. –

Published: 2015

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   § 5-8-3  Board – Creation –

Duties – Composition – Appointments – Terms. –

(a) The duty of the board of engineers is to administer those provisions of

this chapter that relate to the regulation of professional engineering and the

registration of professional engineers.

   (b) Subject to the approval of the director, the board of

engineers shall establish any rules and regulations for the conduct of its own

proceedings; for examination of applicants; for registration of professional

engineers and engineers-in-training; for continuing education requirements; for

investigating complaints to the board; and for governing the practice of

engineering all that it deems appropriate.

   (c)(1) Members of the board are subject to the provisions of

chapter 14 of title 36. The board consists of five (5) persons, who are

appointed by the governor, and must have the qualifications required by §

5-8-4. Each member of the board shall receive a certificate of his or her

appointment from the governor and shall file with the secretary of state his or

her written oath or affirmation for the faithful discharge of his or her

official duty. Appointments to the board shall be in the manner and for a

period of time that the term of each member expires at a different time. On the

expiration of the term of any member, the governor shall, in the manner

previously provided, appoint for a term of five (5) years a registered

professional engineer having the qualifications required in § 5-8-4. A

member may be reappointed to succeed himself or herself, but shall not serve

more than two (2), full, consecutive terms. Each member may hold office until

the expiration of the term for which appointed or until a successor has been

appointed and has qualified.

   (2) The board shall designate and establish a system of

registration by discipline not later than December 31, 1994, and shall

subsequently administer that registration system.

   (3) The registration system shall provide, at a minimum, for

the registration of:

   (i) Civil engineers;

   (ii) Chemical engineers;

   (iii) Electrical engineers;

   (iv) Mechanical engineers;

   (v) Structural engineers;

   (vi) Environmental engineers; and

   (vii) Fire protection engineers.

   (4) The board may establish additional classifications by

rule and regulation subject to the approval of the director.

   (5) Classification of disciplines shall conform to the

standards established by the NCEES. Nothing in this section shall be construed

to limit the registration of a qualified applicant to only one discipline.

   (d) [Deleted by P.L. 2015, ch. 82, § 4 and P.L.

2015, ch. 105, § 4].

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