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§45-24.5-4  Powers Of Councils. –

Published: 2015

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Towns and cities

CHAPTER 45-24.5

Waste Water Management Districts

SECTION 45-24.5-4

   § 45-24.5-4  Powers of councils. –

Any city or town council in the state, by itself or pursuant to chapter 43 of

this title, and in accordance with the purposes of this chapter, is authorized

to adopt ordinances creating waste water management districts (WWMD), which may

be empowered, pursuant to the ordinance, to:

   (1) Provide for the passage of district officials onto

private property when necessary for the periodic inspection of septic systems.

   (2) Order the maintenance and/or pumping of ISDS systems in

accordance with an appropriate schedule.

   (3) Raise funds for the administration, operations,

contractual obligations, and services of the waste water management district by:

   (i) Assessing property owners for taxes or annual fees;

   (ii) Borrowing, and for that purpose, by issuing bonds or

notes of the city or town; and

   (iii) Setting rates for pumping.

   (4) Hire the personnel necessary to carry out the functions

of the district.

   (5) Establish a public education program, which would precede

the implementation of a WWMD, to make property owners aware of the proper

maintenance and care of ISDS systems and the need for periodic pumping. After a

WWMD has been created, an education program could remain in place to educate

new residents and update members of the district on new information or


   (6) Receive grants and establish a revolving fund to make

available grants and low interest loans to individual property owners for the

improvement, correction, or replacement of failed septic systems.

   (7) Authorize and contract with independent septage haulers.

   (8) Contract with other cities or towns for septage disposal

through sewage treatment plants.

   (9) Levy fines for noncompliance. These fines must be no

greater than five hundred dollars ($500) per violation. The fines go into a

dedicated fund for the purpose of operating the waste water management

district. Each day of a continuing violation constitutes a separate and

distinct violation.

   (10) Provide for an appeal process from the decision of the

WWMD under the provisions of the Rhode Island Administrative Procedures Act,

chapter 35 of title 42. An aggrieved party has the right to appeal to the

district court.

History of Section.

(P.L. 1987, ch. 335, § 1.)