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WAC 296-307-36809: When May Cable Trays Be Used?

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 296 > Chapter 296-307 > Section 296-307-36809



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 296-307-36809

When may cable trays be used?

(1) Only the following may be installed in cable tray systems:
(a) Mineral-insulated metal-sheathed cable (Type MI);
(b) Armored cable (Type AC);
(c) Metal-clad cable (Type MC);
(d) Power-limited tray cable (Type PLTC);
(e) Nonmetallic-sheathed cable (Type NM or NMC);
(f) Shielded nonmetallic-sheathed cable (Type SNM);
(g) Multiconductor service-entrance cable (Type SE or USE);
(h) Multiconductor underground feeder and branch-circuit cable (Type UF);
(i) Power and control tray cable (Type TC);
(j) Other factory-assembled, multiconductor control, signal, or power cables that are specifically approved for installation in cable trays; or
(k) Any approved conduit or raceway with its contained conductors.
(2) In industrial establishments only, where conditions of maintenance and supervision ensure that only qualified persons will service the installed cable tray system, the following cables may also be installed in ladder, ventilated trough, or 4 inch ventilated channel-type cable trays:
Single conductor cables that are 250 MCM or larger and are Types RHH, RHW, MV, USE, or THW, and other 250 MCM or larger single conductor cables if specifically approved for installation in cable trays. Where exposed to direct rays of the sun, cables must be sunlight-resistant.
(3) Cable trays in hazardous (classified) locations must contain only the cable types permitted in such locations.

Cable tray systems must not be used in hoistways or where subjected to severe physical damage.

[WSR 97-09-013, recodified as § 296-307-36809, filed 4/7/97, effective 4/7/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.040, [49.17.]050 and [49.17.]060. WSR 96-22-048, § 296-306A-36809, filed 10/31/96, effective 12/1/96.]