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WAC 314-02-107: What are the requirements for a spirits retail license?

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 314 > Chapter 314-02 > Section 314-02-107



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WAC 314-02-107

What are the requirements for a spirits retail license?

(1) The requirements for a spirits retail license are as follows:
(a) Submit a signed acknowledgment form indicating the square footage of the premises. The premises must be at least ten thousand square feet of fully enclosed retail space within a single structure, including store rooms and other interior areas. This does not include any area encumbered by a lease or rental agreement (floor plans one-eighth inch to one foot scale may be required by the board); and
(b) Submit a signed acknowledgment form indicating the licensee has a security plan which addresses:
(i) Inventory management;
(ii) Employee training and supervision; and
(iii) Physical security of spirits product with respect to preventing sales to underage or apparently intoxicated persons and theft of product.
(2) A grocery store licensee or a specialty shop licensee may add a spirits retail liquor license to their current license if they meet the requirements for the spirits retail license.
(3) The board may not deny a spirits retail license to qualified applicants where the premises is less than ten thousand square feet if:
(a) The application is for a former contract liquor store location;
(b) The application is for the holder of a former state liquor store operating rights sold at auction; or
(c) There is no spirits retail license holder in the trade area that the applicant proposes to serve; and
(i) The applicant meets the operational requirements in WAC 314-02-107 (1)(b); and
(ii) If a current liquor licensee, has not committed more than one public safety violation within the last three years.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030, 66.24.055, 66.24.160, 66.24.630, and 66.24.640. WSR 12-12-065, § 314-02-107, filed 6/5/12, effective 7/6/12.]