WAC 296-96-02451: When a control space is used in lieu of a machine room

Link to law: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=296-96-02451
Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 296 > Chapter 296-96 > Section 296-96-02451



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WAC 296-96-02451

When a control space is used in lieu of a machine room.

For elevators, a control space may be approved on a limited case-by-case basis and should not be considered a normal installation process.

(1) The control space cannot be located where the entrance to the space is accessible to the public.
(2) The space must be designed to prevent full bodily entry with the door closed.
(3) The control space shall not open into:
(a) Hazardous locations;
(b) The outside environment when exposed on any side, top or bottom; and
(c) A space that is not environmentally controlled to maintain the elevator within the manufacturer's recommended temperature and humidity levels.
(4) Barricaded control space must be free of areas containing piping conveying liquid, vapor, or gas.
(5) If metal access doors are used, proper electrical clearances must be provided per the National Electrical Code.
(6) The space must have full environmental control as required by a machine room.
(7) Barricades must be:
(a) Minimum depth equal to forty-eight inches from the controller cabinet door to barricade;
(b) Minimum width equal to thirty-two inches and shall be the full width of the access opening;
(c) Minimum height equal to six feet;
(d) Minimum material equal to nonconductive rating;
(e) Permanently affixed to the inside door or jamb as to not be removed from the space;
(f) Constructed to withstand a force of two hundred fifty pounds of pressure applied in any direction without deflecting more than one-half inch (may require a floor mount when attached only to the door to meet deflection requirements);
(g) Provided with signage, "if you leave this area, you must replace guards and close doors." The minimum height of lettering shall be one inch.
(8) The control space shall be fire rated equivalent to the International Building Code, chapter 30.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.87 RCW. WSR 13-24-066, § 296-96-02451, filed 11/27/13, effective 1/1/14.]