WAC 246-310-710: Concurrent Review

Link to law: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=246-310-710
Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 246 > Chapter 246-310 > Section 246-310-710



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 246-310-710

Concurrent review.

The department shall review new adult elective percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) services using the concurrent review cycle according to the following table:
Concurrent Review Cycle:

Application Submission Period Letters of Intent Due First working day through last working day of January of each year.

Receipt of Initial Application First working day through last working day of February of each year.

End of Screening Period Last working day of March of each year.

Applicant Response Last working day of April of each year.

Department Action Beginning of Review Preparation May 1 through May 15

Application Review Period Public Comment Period (includes public hearing if requested) 60-Day Public Comment Period Begins May 16 of each year or the first working day after May 16.

Rebuttal Period 30-Day Rebuttal period Applicant and affected party response to public comment.

Ex parte Period 45-Day Ex parte period Department evaluation and decision.

(1) If the department is unable to meet the deadline for making a decision on the application, it will notify applicants fifteen days prior to the scheduled decision date. In that event, the department will establish a new decision date.
(2) The department may not accept new applications for a planning area if there are any pending applications in that planning area filed under a previous concurrent review cycle, or applications submitted prior to the effective date of these rules that affect any of the new planning areas, unless the department has not made a decision on the pending applications within the review timelines of nine months for a concurrent review and six months for a regular review.
(3) If the department determines that an application does not compete with another application, it may convert the review of an application that was initially submitted under a concurrent review cycle to a regular review process.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.38.128. WSR 09-01-113, § 246-310-710, filed 12/19/08, effective 12/19/08.]