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WAC 51-11R-30314: Table R303.1.3(4)€”Default U-Factors For Skylights

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 51 > Chapter 51-11R > Section 51-11R-30314



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 51-11R-30314

Table R303.1.3(4)—Default U-factors for skylights.


  Frame Type

Aluminum Without
Thermal Break

Aluminum With
Thermal Break
Reinforced Vinyl/Aluminum-Clad Wood or Vinyl Wood or Vinyl-Clad Wood/Vinyl Without Reinforcing

Fenestration Type

Single Glazing        

  glass U-1.58 U-1.51 U-1.40 U-1.18

  acrylic/polycarb U-1.52 U-1.45 U-1.34 U-1.11

Double Glazing        

air U-1.05 U-0.89 U-0.84 U-0.67

argon U-1.02 U-0.86 U-0.80 U-0.64

Double Glazing, e = 0.20        

air U-0.96 U-0.80 U-0.75 U-0.59

argon U-0.91 U-0.75 U-0.70 U-0.54

Double Glazing, e = 0.10        

air U-0.94 U-0.79 U-0.74 U-0.58

argon U-0.89 U-0.73 U-0.68 U-0.52

Double Glazing, e = 0.05        

air U-0.93 U-0.78 U-0.73 U-0.56

argon U-0.87 U-0.71 U-0.66 U-0.50

Triple Glazing        

air U-0.90 U-0.70 U-0.67 U-0.51

argon U-0.87 U-0.69 U-0.64 U-0.48

Triple Glazing, e = 0.20        

air U-0.86 U-0.68 U-0.63 U-0.47

argon U-0.82 U-0.63 U-0.59 U-0.43

Triple Glazing, e = 0.20 on 2 surfaces        

air U-0.82 U-0.64 U-0.60 U-0.44

argon U-0.79 U-0.60 U-0.56 U-0.40

Triple Glazing, e  =  0.10 on 2 surfaces        

air U-0.81 U-0.62 U-0.58 U-0.42

argon U-0.77 U-0.58 U-0.54 U-0.38

Quadruple Glazing, e = 0.10 on 2 surfaces        

air U-0.78 U-0.59 U-0.55 U-0.39

argon U-0.74 U-0.56 U-0.52 U-0.36

  krypton U-0.70 U-0.52 U-0.48 U-0.32

Notes for Table R303.1.3(4)

U-factors are applicable to both glass and plastic, flat and domed units, all spacers and gaps.

Emissivities shall be less than or equal to the value specified.

Gap fill shall be assumed to be air unless there is a minimum of 90% argon or krypton.

Aluminum frame with thermal break is as defined in footnote 1 to Table R303.1.3(1).

[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27A.020, 19.27A.045 and chapters 19.27 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 13-04-055, § 51-11R-30314, filed 2/1/13, effective 7/1/13.]