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WAC 170-290-3566: Subsidized child care providers' responsibilities

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 170 > Chapter 170-290 > Section 170-290-3566



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WAC 170-290-3566

Subsidized child care providers' responsibilities.

Licensed or certified child care providers who accept SCC subsidies must do the following:
(1) Comply with all of the DEL child care licensing or certification requirements as provided in chapter 170-295, 170-296A, or 170-151 WAC;
(2) Report pending charges or convictions to DSHS as provided in chapter 170-295, 170-296A, or 170-151 WAC;
(3) Keep complete and accurate daily attendance records for children in their care; and allow access to DEL to inspect attendance records during all hours in which authorized child care is provided as follows:
(a) Current attendance records (including records from the previous twelve months) must be available immediately for review upon request by DEL.
(b) Attendance records older than twelve months to five years old must be provided to DSHS or DEL within two weeks of the date of a written request from either department.
(c) Failure to make available attendance records as provided in this subsection may:
(i) Result in the immediate suspension of the provider's subsidy payments; and
(ii) Establish a provider overpayment as provided in WAC 170-290-0268;
(4) Allow consumers access to their child at all times while the child is in care;
(5) Collect copayments directly from the consumer or the consumer's third-party payor, and report to DSHS if the consumer has not paid a copayment to the provider within the previous sixty days;
(6) Follow billing procedures as described in "Child Care Subsidies: A Booklet for Licensed and Certified Child Care Providers" revised 2012, including billing only for actual hours of child care provided or allowed under WCCC billing guidelines;
(7) Not claim a payment in any month in which a child has not attended at least one day in that month;
(8) Invoice the state no later than one calendar year after the actual date of service;
(9) Not charge subsidized families for:
(a) The difference between the provider's customary rate and the maximum allowed state rate;
(b) Registration fees in excess of what is paid by subsidy program rules;
(c) Absence days in excess of five days per month, regardless of whether the child attended or not;
(d) Handling fees to process consumer copayments, child care services payments, or paperwork;
(e) Fees for materials, supplies, or equipment required to meet licensing rules and regulations; or
(f) Child care or fees related to subsidy billing invoices that are in dispute between the provider and the state; and
(10) For providers who care for children in states bordering Washington, verify that they are currently complying with their state's licensing regulations, and notify DSHS within ten days of any suspension, revocation, or changes to their license.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.215.070, 43.215.060 and chapter 43.215 RCW. WSR 12-11-025, § 170-290-3566, filed 5/8/12, effective 6/8/12.]