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WAC 296-128-010: Records Required

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 296 > Chapter 296-128 > Section 296-128-010

Beginning of Chapter    


No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 296-128-010

Records required.

For all employees who are subject to RCW 49.46.020, employers shall be required to keep and preserve payroll or other records containing the following information and data with respect to each and every employee to whom said section of said act applies:
(1) Name in full, and on the same record, the employee's identifying symbol or number if such is used in place of name on any time, work, or payroll records. This shall be the same name as that used for Social Security record purposes;
(2) Home address;
(3) Occupation in which employed;
(4) Date of birth if under eighteen;
(5) Time of day and day of week on which the employee's workweek begins. If the employee is part of a workforce or employed in or by an establishment all of whose workers have a workweek beginning at the same time on the same day, a single notation of the time of the day and beginning day of the workweek for the whole workforce or establishment will suffice. If, however, any employee or group of employees has a workweek beginning and ending at a different time, a separate notation shall then be kept for that employee or group of employees;
(6) Hours worked each workday and total hours worked each workweek (for purposes of this section, a "workday" shall be any consecutive twenty-four hours);
(7) Total daily or weekly straight-time earnings or wages; that is, the total earnings or wages due for hours worked during the workday or workweek, including all earnings or wages due during any overtime worked, but exclusive of overtime excess compensation;
(8) Total overtime excess compensation for the workweek; that is, the excess compensation for overtime worked which amount is over and above all straight-time earnings or wages also earned during overtime worked;
(9) Total additions to or deductions from wages paid each pay period. Every employer making additions to or deductions from wages shall also maintain a record of the dates, amounts, and nature of the items which make up the total additions and deductions;
(10) Total wages paid each pay period;
(11) Date of payment and the pay period covered by payment;
(12) Employer may use symbols where names or figures are called for so long as such symbols are uniform and defined.
[Regulation 294.7.001 (part), filed 12/30/60.]