§3029. Movable comb frames required

Link to law: http://legislature.vermont.gov/statutes/section/06/172/03029
Published: 2015

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3029. Movable comb frames required

(a) All hives

shall be constructed with frames containing the honeycombs and brood combs

which may be removed from the hive for purposes of inspection. Upon

determination that any hive containing bees is not constructed with removable

frames, the Secretary or his or her inspector may:

(1) order the

owner to immediately transfer the bees to a hive with removable frames; or

(2) grant the

owner an extension for a specific period of time after which the owner must

transfer the bees to a hive with removable frames.

(b) The

Secretary may, by rule, create a permit program to allow persons to operate

hives without removable frames for exhibition purposes. The owner of such a

hive will not be in violation of this section so long as he or she holds a

valid permit and is in compliance with all applicable rules which the Secretary

may adopt.

(c) Upon

determination that an owner has violated the terms of this section or any rule

adopted pursuant to this section, the Secretary may destroy the hive or hives.

Any determination of a violation shall be appealable to the Secretary, who

shall provide the owner a hearing within ten days of the determination of the

violation, during which the order to destroy shall be stayed. (Added 1983, No.

83, § 1; amended 2003, No. 42, § 2, eff. May 27, 2003; 2015, No. 23, § 77.)