WAC 352-80-080: Evaluation Criteria

Link to law: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=352-80-080
Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 352 > Chapter 352-80 > Section 352-80-080



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 352-80-080

Evaluation criteria.

The following criteria are used to evaluate applications:
(1) Proposals that provide for public/private partnerships;
(2) Proposals that provide for innovative ways to increase the availability and use of outdoor recreation facilities;
(3) Proposals which show consideration for the economics of installation or implementation to provide greatest cost benefit ratio, for example, where private parties contribute more than the minimum amount;
(4) Proposals which contribute to the statewide network of facilities or programs;
(5) Proposals which demonstrate their compatibility with the legislative intent of RCW 79A.05.351;
(6) Programs that contribute to the reduction of academic failure and drop out rates;
(7) Programs that make use of research-based, effective environmental, ecological, agricultural, or other natural resource-based educational curriculum;
(8) Proposals which encourage sound environmental practices through changing education or recreational behavior;
(9) Proposals which target geographic areas as defined in RCW 79A.05.351;
(10) Proposals which encourage community involvement;
(11) Proposals which demonstrate innovative approaches to education or information;
(12) Programs that will commit matching and in-kind resources;
(13) Proposals that contribute to healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation and sound nutrition;
(14) Proposals that use state park and other natural resource venues and personnel as a resource;
(15) Proposals that maximize the number of participants that can be served;
(16) Proposals that provide an opportunity to experience the out-of-doors directly and understand nature and the natural world; and
(17) Proposals that include ongoing program evaluation, assessment and reporting of their effectiveness.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79A.05.030, 79A.05.070, and 79A.05.351. WSR 08-06-013, § 352-80-080, filed 2/21/08, effective 3/23/08.]