WAC 173-201A-600: Use designations—Fresh waters

Link to law: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=173-201A-600
Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 173 > Chapter 173-201A > Section 173-201A-600



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WAC 173-201A-600

Use designations—Fresh waters.

(1) All surface waters of the state not named in Table 602 are to be protected for the designated uses of: Salmonid spawning, rearing, and migration; primary contact recreation; domestic, industrial, and agricultural water supply; stock watering; wildlife habitat; harvesting; commerce and navigation; boating; and aesthetic values.
(a) Additionally, the following waters are also to be protected for the designated uses of: Core summer salmonid habitat; and extraordinary primary contact recreation:
(i) All surface waters lying within national parks, national forests, and/or wilderness areas;
(ii) All lakes and all feeder streams to lakes (reservoirs with a mean detention time greater than fifteen days are to be treated as a lake for use designation);
(iii) All surface waters that are tributaries to waters designated core summer salmonid habitat; or extraordinary primary contact recreation; and
(iv) All fresh surface waters that are tributaries to extraordinary aquatic life marine waters (WAC 173-201A-610 through 173-201A-612).
(2) The water quality standards for surface waters for the state of Washington do not apply to segments of waters that are on Indian reservations, except for surface waters overlying fee lands on the Puyallup reservation consistent with the Puyallup Tribe Land Claims Settlement of 1989.
(3) Aquatic life uses are designated based on the presence of, or the intent to provide, protection for the key uses identified in Table 600. It is required that all indigenous fish and nonfish aquatic species be protected in waters of the state in addition to the key species described below.
Table 600 (Key to Table 602)

Abbreviation General Description

Aquatic Life Uses: (see WAC 173-201A-200(1))

Char Spawning/Rearing
Char spawning and rearing. The key identifying characteristics of this use are spawning or early juvenile rearing by native char (bull trout and Dolly Varden), or use by other aquatic species similarly dependent on such cold water. Other common characteristic aquatic life uses for waters in this category include summer foraging and migration of native char; and spawning, rearing, and migration by other salmonid species.

Core Summer Habitat
Core summer salmonid habitat. The key identifying characteristics of this use are summer (June 15 - September 15) salmonid spawning or emergence, or adult holding; use as important summer rearing habitat by one or more salmonids; or foraging by adult and subadult native char. Other common characteristic aquatic life uses for waters in this category include spawning outside of the summer season, rearing, and migration by salmonids.

Salmonid spawning, rearing, and migration. The key identifying characteristic of this use is salmon or trout spawning and emergence that only occurs outside of the summer season (September 16 - June 14). Other common characteristic aquatic life uses for waters in this category include rearing and migration by salmonids.

Rearing/Migration Only
Salmonid rearing and migration only. The key identifying characteristic of this use is use only for rearing or migration by salmonids (not used for spawning).

Redband Trout
Nonanadromous interior redband trout. For the protection of waters where the only trout species is a nonanadromous form of self-reproducing interior redband trout (O. mykis), and other associated aquatic life.

Warm Water Species
Indigenous warm water species. For the protection of waters where the dominant species under natural conditions would be temperature tolerant indigenous nonsalmonid species. Examples include dace, redside shiner, chiselmouth, sucker, and northern pikeminnow.

Recreational Uses: (see WAC 173-201A-200(2))

Extraordinary Primary Cont. Extraordinary quality primary contact waters. Waters providing extraordinary protection against waterborne disease or that serve as tributaries to extraordinary quality shellfish harvesting areas.

Primary Cont. Primary contact recreation.

Secondary Cont. Secondary contact recreation.

Water Supply Uses: (see WAC 173-201A-200(3))

Domestic Water Domestic water supply.

Industrial Water Industrial water supply.

Agricultural Water Agricultural water supply.

Stock Water Stock watering.

Miscellaneous Uses: (see WAC 173-201A-200(4))

Wildlife Habitat Wildlife habitat.

Harvesting Fish harvesting.

Commerce/Navigation Commerce and navigation.

Boating Boating.

Aesthetics Aesthetic values.

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