201 KAR 19:340. Continuing education

Link to law: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/kar/201/019/340.htm
Published: 2015

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      201 KAR 19:340. Continuing education.


      RELATES TO: KRS 323.400-323.416



323.416(1) requires certificate holders to meet continuing education

requirements in order to renew certification. KRS 323.416(2) mandates certain

topics to be covered. This administrative regulation establishes the

requirements for continuing education.


      Section 1. Definitions. (1)

"Elective topic" means a topic that is related to interior design.

      (2) "Professional development

unit" or "PDU" means a:

      (a) Unit equal to fifty (50) minutes

clock time for classroom education; or

      (b) Customary time of completion

prescribed by a vendor, if the board finds the time to be reasonable.

      (3) "Relevant topic" means an

area focused on the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

      (4) "Self-directed activity"


      (a) An unstructured self-study visit to

an interior design significant site;

      (b) A service to the public which uses

the certified interior designer’s expertise as an interior designer; or

      (c) A business practice course related to

new technology relevant to interior design, and, offered by a person qualified

by education or experience.

      (5) "Structured activity" means

a relevant:

      (a) College or university sponsored


      (b) Seminar;

      (c) Tutorial;

      (d) Short course; or

      (e) Professional or technical

organization sponsored:

      1. Program;

      2. Course;

      3. Self-study course; or

      4. Monograph.


      Section 2. Exemptions. An interior

designer certified in Kentucky shall, in order to obtain annual certification


      (1) Comply with this administrative

regulation unless exempt because he or she is:

      (a) A first-time certificate holder by

examination or reciprocity;

      (b) A civilian who serves on active duty

in the United States Armed Forces for a period of time exceeding ninety (90)

consecutive days during the annual report period;

      (c) Certified from another jurisdiction

that has a required continuing education program, if that jurisdiction accepts

Kentucky requirements to satisfy its continuing education requirements and the

certificate holder certifies that all requirements for current continuing

education compliance and certification have been met in that jurisdiction;

      (d) Is also a licensed architect who has

met the requirements of 201 KAR 19:087; or

      (e) Is on inactive status.

      (2) A hardship case may be considered by

the board.


      Section 3. Requirements. (1) A certified

Kentucky interior designer shall:

      (a) Obtain a total of twelve (12) PDU's

per year, as required by KRS 323.416(1); and

      (b) Report the PDU credits as a condition

for certification renewal.

      (2) The twelve (12) hours of continuing

education shall be satisfied during the period beginning October 1 and ending

September 30 of the following year.

      (3) At least eight (8) PDU's shall

consist of structured activities, addressing the following relevant topics:

      (a) Codes, statutes, and administrative

regulations related to the built environment;

      (b) Environmental issues;

      (c) Professional and ethical business


      (d) State certification law;

      (e) Design proficiency;

      (f) New technology, including


      1. Material;

      2. Methods;

      3. Systems; or

      4. Concepts.

      (g) Interface, other than normal

day-to-day contact, with a member of another design discipline, including an:

      1. Architect;

      2. Planner;

      3. Consultant;

      4. Financier; or

      5. Consultant.

      (h) Legal aspects, including:

      1. Contract documents;

      2. Insurance;

      3. Bonds; and

      4. Project administration.

      (i) Specialization in:

      1. Preservation;

      2. Adaptive reuse; or

      3. A building type.

      (j) Study or consultation opportunity.

      (4) A maximum of four (4) PDU's may

consist of self-directed activities, addressing the following elective topics:

      (a) Business or practice efficiency;

      (b) Business development;

      (c) Personal skills;

      (d) New skills; or

      (e) General education.


      Section 4. Reporting and Recordkeeping.

(1) A certificate holder seeking certificate renewal shall submit to the board:

      (a) A Certification Renewal Application

Form, including a list of PDUs completed; and

      (b) The renewal fee.

      (2) An incomplete submission shall be

returned to the certificate holder.

      (3) The board shall review a random

sample of annual reports, composed of up to ten (10) percent of the number of

issued certificates, to ensure accuracy and compliance.

      (4) The certificate holder shall:

      (a) Retain proof of participation in

continuing education activities;

      (b) Retain a record for continuing

education for a period of two (2) years from the date of submission of the

annual report to the board; and

      (c) Furnish copies or continuing

education records on the request of the board for audit purposes.

      (5) Proof of participation in continuing

education activities shall include:

      (a) A log showing the:

      1. Activity claimed;

      2. Sponsoring organization;

      3. Location;

      4. Duration; and

      5. Date of activity;

      (b) An attendance certificate;

      (c) A signed attendance receipt;

      (d) A paid receipt;

      (e) A list of attendees signed by a

person in charge of the activity; or

      (f) Similar documentation.

      (6) If continuing education credit is

disallowed, the certificate holder shall have 180 calendar days after

notification to:

      (a) Substantiate the original claim; or

      (b) Earn other continuing education

credit to meet the minimum requirements.


      Section 5. Noncompliance and Sanctions.

Failure to fulfill the continuing education requirements or file the required

annual report, properly completed and signed, shall result in nonrenewal of the

interior designers certification.


      Section 6. Incorporation by Reference.

(1) "Certification Renewal Application Form, 2003" is incorporated by


      (2) This material may be inspected,

copied, or obtained, subject to applicable copyright law, at the offices of the

Kentucky Board of Architects, 155 East Main Street, Suite 300, Lexington, Kentucky 40507, Monday through Friday,

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (29 Ky.R. 2395; Am. 2660; eff. 5-15-03; TAm 11-20-2012.)