§309. Duties of Commissioner of Human Resources

Link to law: http://legislature.vermont.gov/statutes/section/03/013/00309
Published: 2015

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309. Duties of Commissioner of Human Resources

(a) The

Commissioner, as administrative head of the Department, shall direct and

supervise all its administrative and technical activities. In addition to the

duties imposed elsewhere in this chapter, it shall be the Commissioner's duty:

(1) To apply and

carry out this chapter and the rules adopted thereunder.

(2) To establish

and maintain a roster of all classified employees in the State civil service,

in which there shall be set forth, as to each employee, the class title, pay or

status and other pertinent data.

(3) To foster

and develop, in cooperation with the appointing authorities, programs for the

improvement of employee effectiveness, including orientation, training, safety,

health, counseling and welfare.

(4) To encourage

and aid in the development of effective personnel administration within the

several departments in the State service, and to make available the facilities

of the Department of Human Resources to this end.

(5) To

investigate from time to time the operation and effect of this chapter and of

the rules made thereunder and to report his or her findings to the Secretary of

Administration and to the Governor.

(6) To make such

reports regarding the work of the Department of Human Resources as the

Commissioner may consider desirable and as may be required of the Commissioner

to the Secretary of Administration and to the Governor.

(7) To maintain

a continuous study of the status and availability of temporary employees, to

receive and maintain adequate records and reports as to those employees and

cooperate with the State employment service in establishing lists of persons

available for temporary employment.

(8) To establish

a standard reporting form on contractual employees and to receive and maintain

records indicating their status.

(9) To establish

an employee census report providing for the systematic and regular accounting

of all persons employed by the State in all categories of employment.

(10) To maintain

registers of persons eligible for employment and to verify the availability of

those persons certified to an appointing authority.

(11) To

cooperate with all State agencies in initiating and maintaining a

trainee-internship program, a recruitment program for clerical, administrative

and professional positions which shall include visits to Vermont high schools,

colleges, and universities.

(12) To design

and make available to all State agencies service rating forms.

(13) To compile

and publish a manual, which shall be kept current, containing the pertinent

statutes, rules and regulations of the Department of Human Resources and its

rules of procedure and forms prescribed for use by rule or regulation.

(14) To perform

any other lawful act which may be necessary and proper to carry out the purposes

and provisions of this chapter.

(15) With the

approval of the Governor, the Commissioner may appoint and employ a general

legal counsel, to be exempt from the classified service, and who shall report

directly to the Commissioner of Human Resources.



(19) Annually on

or before January 15, the Commissioner of Human Resources shall submit to the

General Assembly a report on the status of the State employee workforce. The

provisions of 2 V.S.A. § 20(d)(expiration of required reports) shall not apply

to the report to be made under this subsection. All reporting on numbers of

State employees shall include numbers stated in "full-time

equivalent" positions. The report shall consolidate reports mandated by

the General Assembly, as well as other information regarding developments in

State employment, including:

(A) Use of

temporary employees.

(B) Use of

limited service positions.

(C) Vacancies of

more than six months' duration.

(D) Use of

emergency volunteer leave under section 265 of this title.

(E) Development

of compensation plans.

(F) Developments

in equal employment opportunity.

(G) Use of the

position management system.

(H) Abolished or

transferred classified and exempt State positions.

(b) The

Commissioner, with the approval of the Secretary of Administration, may from

time to time designate in writing an employee of the Department of Human

Resources to act for him or her in case of his or her absence or temporary

inability from any cause to discharge the powers and duties of the

Commissioner's office. In that case the powers and duties of the Commissioner

shall devolve upon his or her representative.

(c) The

Commissioner may designate appropriate persons, including officers and

employees in State service, to assist in the preparation and rating of tests.

An appointing authority may excuse any employee in the division or department

from regular duties for the time required for work as an examiner. Such

officers and employees shall not be entitled to extra pay for their services as

examiners but shall be entitled to reimbursement for necessary travel and other

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