The South Gloucestershire District Council(Staff Transfer) Order 1996

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Published: 1996-02-21

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Statutory Instruments
1996 No. 387

The South Gloucestershire District Council(Staff Transfer) Order 1996

21st February 1996

Laid before Parliament
1st March 1996

Coming into force
1st April 1996

The Secretary of State, in exercise of his powers under section 17(1) and 26(5)(b) of the Local Government Act 1992(1), and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, hereby makes the following Order:—

Citation, Commencement and Application

1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the South Gloucestershire District Council (Staff Transfer) Order 1996 and shall come into force on 1st April 1996.

(2) This Order makes provisions which are consequential or supplementary to the Avon (Structural Change) Order 1995(2).


2.  In this Order—

“contract of employment” means a contract under which a person works for another person whether under a contract of service or apprenticeship or otherwise but does not include a contract for services;

“employee” means a person employed under a contract of employment including a person employed under a fixed term contract the expiry date for which is after 31st March 1996, but does not include a person whose employment is on a temporary basis and who on 31st March 1996 has had a continuous period of employment (when calculated in accordance with section 151 of, and Schedule 13 to, the Employment Protection (Consolidation) Act 1978(3)) of less than two years.

Transfer of Staff

3.—(1) This article shall apply to any employee (a “designated employee”) who—

(a)immediately before 1st April 1996 (“the reorganisation date”) was employed by the Kingswood Borough Council or the Northavon District Council;

(b)whose employment would continue but for the abolition of those two councils; and

(c)whose name is not mentioned in the Schedule to this Order.

(2) The contract of employment of a designated employee shall not be terminated on the reorganisation date but shall have effect as if originally made between that employee and the South Gloucestershire District Council.

(3) This article is without prejudice to any provision of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981(4)


Part I(Employees of the Northavon District Council not transferring to the South Gloucestershire District Council)

Clerk and Chief Executive Officer’s Department

Allsopp L P Miss

Bale I R Mr

Beacham M Mrs

Beasley M Mrs

Bond J E Mrs

Brain T Mr

Canning F Mrs

Chaplain B Mr

Churchill C M Mrs

Collins J E Mrs

Davis F E Mrs

Dodd M L Mr

Drake S P Mr

Ellis B E Mrs

Forsey R P Mr

Foster J B Mrs

Gaines A D Mr

Griffiths A D Mr

Hardy B Mrs

Hudson A D Mrs

Issac M D Mrs

Jones J C Mr

Kelly G Mrs

Lewthwaite B Mrs

Mair D Mrs

Martyne J Mrs

Mason N F Mr

Maude F M Mr

Monger V M Mrs

Moss G Mr

North P Mrs

Organ P J Mr

Pearce N Mrs

Peters T J Mr

Polden C Miss

Preston C Mrs

Reeve P L Mrs

Savage V J Miss

Seaman D A Mrs

Tanner G E Mr

Tippett P J Mrs

Todd R E Miss

Trainer T C Mrs

Warren K P Mr

Webb M L Mrs

Weston H J Mrs

White M R Mrs

Wixon M E Miss

Wright T Mrs

Young H Miss

Environmental Services Department

Comley S P Mrs

Finance Department

Arkell J A Mrs

Baish M P Mr

Clutterbuck S J Miss

Cuttiss A J Miss

Davies G J Mr

Dosumnu M O Mr

Easto S A Mrs

Ettery D Mr

Feltham A E Mr

Hayes-Powell M A Mrs

Heffer H G Mrs

Hillier B A Mr

Hobbs N D Mr

Hopper E S S Miss

Jones P C Mr

Kennard R I Mrs

Kwok W M Mr

Langley H M Miss

Lansdown D J Mr

Lawson J C Miss

Lee M Mrs

Lyons G S Mrs

Massie J M Mr

Morse C A Mrs

Price J F Mrs

Ricketts D Miss

Russett P Miss

Waring S E Mrs

Wolstenholme O Mrs

Young R J Mrs

Housing Department

Davies G K Mr

Keey W A Miss

Personnel Department

Burley B A Mrs

Fleming J A C Mr

Irving J Mr

Jones R J Mr

McNeill M M Mrs

Perrington J F Mr

Robin S M Miss

Wright M Mrs

Planning and Engineering Department

Benson C Mrs

Brooks-User A F Mrs

Darton D R Mr

Eatock C M Mrs

Grant A J Miss

Handley S Mrs

Horseman J M Mrs

Jones B E Mrs

Joyner A R D Mr

Redgers B J Mrs

Sayers J L Mrs

Smith M C Mrs

Tanner E D Mrs

Taylor A R Mrs

Windsor C A Mrs

Property Services Department

Harris R A Mrs

Hunt T G Mr

Kayser B F Mrs

Timbrell T A Mr

Vaughan M L Mr

Part II(Employees of the Kingswood Borough Council not transferring to the South Gloucestershire District Council)

Borough Secretary’s Department

Ashley R W Mr

Ball S Mrs

Beer J A Mrs

Bray J A Mrs

Brice J Mrs

Chilcott C L Mrs

Cooney J H Miss

Cox J C Mr

Difford C S Mrs

Dyer M E Mrs

Foster C S Miss

Gay I M Miss

Gough M F Mr

Gibbs M Mrs

Hall L M Miss

Hichens A W Mr

Horseman P S Mrs

Horseman S C Mr

King R G Mr

Lewis J Mrs

Robertson A G Mr

Roger C L Mrs

Smith E A Mrs

Storer P M Mrs

Warner M A Mrs

White L M Mrs

Corporate Planning Department

Latimer K H Mr

Taylor K J Mr

Hallworth J P Mr

Pinker M Miss

Finance Department

Ahmed S Mr

Andrews R W Mr

Bennett C M Mrs

Bracey J F Mrs

Bright J A Miss

Carter N A Mr

Claringbold L C Mrs

Clarke T D Mrs

Cole R H Mrs

Couzens A J Miss

Davis S P Mr

Dando C R Mr

Dewfall S Mrs

Fudge D L Mrs

Gardner D B Mr

George M A Mr

Goalby B R Mr

Haggett K M Miss

Harvey T B Mr

Hill P J Mr

Knight R B Mr

LaVardera A Mr

Monks J R Mr

Neville M J Mr

Overy J E Mr

Patel D P Mrs

Patel R Mrs

Price M F Mr

Shepherd M J Mr

Skinner S P Mr

Slatter J M Mrs

Welsh C R Mrs

Health and Housing Department

Crick B J Mrs

Ivey C Mrs

McCarthy D J Mr

McCarthy J A Mrs

Phipps LA Mrs

Rudd N D Mr

Whitelock N Mrs

Personnel Department

Boyle A R Mr

Nangreave V K Mrs

Parfitt F Mrs

Ponsford J A Mrs

Tonge S Mrs

Wager J P Mrs

Webbe A C Mr

Planning Department

Armstrong J E Mrs

Gilardoni A F Mr

Griffiths M A Mr

Technical Department

Baber M Mrs

Belcher S L Mrs

Comley A M Mrs

Dear J B Mrs

Dring M P Mrs

Funnell M W

Grinter M S Mr

Hawkins P S Mrs

Hudd M J Mrs

Jones D M Mr

Meridith SP Mrs

Sprules M A Mrs

Stone M Mrs

Summerell C J Mr

Tanner S J Mrs

Watts C Mrs

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State

Paul Beresford,
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State,
Department of the Environment
21st February 1996

Explanatory Note

(This note is not part of the Order)
This Order is supplemental to the Avon (Structural Change) Order 1995 which alters the structure of local government in the county of Avon. This Order specifies the staff employed by the Kingswood Borough Council and the North Avon District Councils whose employment is to be transferred to the South Gloucestershire District Council.

1992 c. 19.

S.I. 1995/493.

1978 c. 44 to which there are amendments not relevant to these regulations.

S.I. 1981/1974 as amended by section 33 of the Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights Act 1993 c. 19.