The Occupational Pension Schemes(Winding Up) Regulations 1996

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1. Citation, commencement and interpretation
2. Commencement of winding up

Preferential liabilities on winding up

3. Modifications of s. 73(3) for schemes beginning to be wound up before 6th April 2005
4.Calculation of the value or amount of scheme assets and liabilities
4A.Calculation of liabilities where employer not insolvent
4B.Calculation of liabilities where employer not insolvent and where winding up commences on or after 11th June 2003
4C.Calculation of liabilities where winding up commences, and date of calculation falls, on or after 15 February 2005
5. Modification of schemes to fix time for settling priority of liabilities on winding up

Discharge of liabilities by insurance etc.

6. Arrangements for discharge of liabilities under s. 74
7. Requirements applicable to notices of discharge under regulation 6
8. Requirements to be satisfied by transferee schemes, annuities etc.
9. Relationship of these Regulations and requirements under s. 32A of the Pension Schemes Act 1993

Power to defer winding up

10. Disapplication of s. 38
11. Records and information

Modifications affecting certain schemes

12. Winding up of sectionalised schemes etc.
12A.Schemes with partial government guarantee
12B.Schemes covering United Kingdom and foreign employment
13. Hybrid schemes

Explanatory Note