The Isle of Wight (Staff Transfer) Order 1995

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Published: 1995-02-08

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Statutory Instruments
1995 No. 289

The Isle of Wight (Staff Transfer) Order 1995

8th February 1995

Laid before Parliament
15th February 1995

Coming into force
8th March 1995

The Secretary of State, in exercise of this powers under section 17(1) and 26(5)(b) of the Local Government Act 1992(1), and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, hereby makes the following Order:—

Citation, Commencement and Application

1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the Isle of Wight (Staff Transfer) Order 1995 and shall come into force on 8th March 1995.

(2) This Order makes provisions which are consequential, or supplementary to the provision of the Isle of Wight (Structural Change) Order 1994(2).


2.  In this Order “contract of employment” means a contract under which a person works for another person whether under a contract of service or apprenticeship or otherwise but does not include anyone who provides services under a contract for services, and any reference to an “employer” or “employee” and to “employment” shall be construed accordingly.

Transfer of Staff

3.—(1) This article shall apply to any person (a “designated employee”) who:—

(a)immediately before 1st April 1995 (“the reorganisation date”) was employed by the Medina Borough Council or the South Wight Borough Council;

(b)whose employment would continue but for the abolition of those two councils; and

(c)whose name is mentioned in the Schedule to this Order.

(2) The contract of employment of any designated employee shall not be terminated on the reorganisation date but shall have effect as if originally made between the designated employee and the Isle of Wight Council.

(3) This article shall have effect in relation to a designated employee whether or not he is an employee to whom The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981(3) would otherwise apply, but is without prejudice to any provision of those regulations which applies to any such employee.


PART I(Employees of the Medina Borough Council)

Ayles A J

Ayles P M

Baggett J H

Barnett L

Bastiani G J

Bennett J S

Bennett M G

Beynon J H

Bishop V A

Brailey M P

Bridle J M

Brindley J E

Burrell P

Butler A E

Cantelo N D

Collins M J

Collins N M

Connell S J

Cooper J M

Cousins B D

Coward N

Douglas S

Downer M H

Elliott A K

Farrants P H

Farthing S A

Fellows T H

Finlayson D

Gale S K

Gardener M

Gordon M S

Grafham S A

Graham A P

Graves K G

Greenwood P R

Grimmwood M

Groves C F

Hallett E

Hargreaves S A

Hill J A

Hinchcliffe M E

Hiscock S J

Hockey M D

Hookey I M

Horne F W

Hunnybun S J

James A E

Jones A T

Justice K M

Kellar A R

Kenrick L P

King J S

Lane E J

Lawrie I

Logan K P

Loveless M

Lyons I

Mackenzie J A

Mallinson A J

Martin B G

Martin M B W

Mason L C A

Matthews L M

McCarthy R

Mcdermott S L

McHugh B J W

Millward P V

Mitchell D

Morey J E

Murphy J P

Norris A G

Owen R C

Owen J W D

Palmer D M J

Pateman M L

Penman D R

Phillips G T M

Porter C

Potts D G

Print L D

Pritchett W G

Pritchett M W

Ransome H E

Rayner O P

Rice E M

Richards S B M

Rickard S K

Robinson L E

Rock P A

Salsbury M

Salter W E

Sheppard P P

Snow M E

Sprake R J

Squibb V M A

Stanley M D

Stapleton A E

Stevens N M

Stoneham L C

Tester I A

Tracy C L

Walls R

Wetherick J P

Whittington K W

Williams N S

Williams R V

Winchcombe K R

Wyllie P

PART II(Employees of the South Wight Council)

Ashby G P

Bannister A (Mrs)

Bashford A J

Biggs J P

Binnie C

Brading B

Brading L (Mrs)

Brenchley P

Brewer K

Buckingham G

Burnett S (Mrs)

Burns A E

Chandler M (Mrs)

Clarke L A (Mrs)

Coleman J (Mrs)

Cooper M N (Miss)

Coram R A (Mrs)

Crowe L (Miss)

Davies G E N

Day A (Mrs)

Day S R A

Dobson J (Miss)

Downer B J W

Edmunds D A (Mrs)

Emery R W

Evans D H (Mrs)

Farrant E J (Mrs)

Garnett A S

Gath R P

Goodenough S

Goodenough D (Mrs)

Gorlick N E (Mrs)

Green D J

Gustar R

Hagger J L (Mrs)

Hall B Hardy Y (Mrs)

Haygarth T (Miss)

Hook D J

Hookey J (Mrs)

Ingles M

Jacobs S

Jeffery D

Jones A

Kingswell A (Mrs)

Knight S (Mrs)

Lane M (Mrs)

Linnington H (Mrs)

Lloyds P

Lutas J A

Martin M L (Mrs)

Miller D

Monks B

Morgan D

Norris K (Mrs)

Owen S

Palmer J (Mrs)

Petty T (Mrs)

Porter M (Miss)

Prewer A J R

Price I (Mrs)

Richardson S (Mrs)

Roberts C (Miss)

Rogers D K

Roznowski V (Mrs)

Russell E (Mrs)

Sampson N (Miss)

Scovell J (Mrs)

Smale J (Ms)

Smith S R

Stewart R D

Stewart H J (Miss)

Stuart P C

Sutton G B

Tebbutt C

Tiller L (Miss)

Toney M L

Urry E (Mrs)

Wakeman M E

Wallis C (Miss)

Ward J B

Warren G

Watson M (Mrs)

Welham I

West M

White G (Mrs)

Whitehall P

Williams N

Winslow J

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State

David Curry
Minister of State,
Department of the Environment
8th February 1995

Explanatory Note

(This note is not part of the Order)
This Order is supplemental to the Isle of Wight (Structural Change) Order 1994 which altered the structure of local government in the Isle of Wight so that the county council for the Island (from 1st April 1995 to be called the Isle of Wight Council) will exercise both county council and district council functions.
This Order specifies the staff employed by the Medina and the South Wight Borough Councils whose employment is to be transferred to the Isle of Wight Council on 1st April 1995 (the reorganisation date).

1992 c. 19.

S.I. 1994/1210.

S.I. 1981/1794 as amended by section 33 of the Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights Act 1993 c. 19.