Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 1995

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1. Ministers of Church of Ireland.
2. Provisions relating to Christ Church Oxford.
3. Designation of archdeacon emeritus.
4. Resignation of certain office holders.
5. Amendment of Ecclesiastical Commissioners Act 1840.
6. Amendment of Church Commissioners Measure 1947.
7. Amendment of Church Funds Investment Measure 1958.
8. Amendment of Clergy Pensions Measure 1961.
9. Amendment of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1963.
10. Amendment of Parochial Registers and Records Measure 1978.
11. Amendment of Pastoral Measure 1983.
12. Amendment of Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 1983.
13. Amendment of Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1991.
14. Amendment of various enactments in connection with General Synod procedure.
15. Short title, commencement and extent.


Amendment of Church Funds Investment Measure 1958

1.The Scheme contained in the Schedule to the Church Funds...
2.In paragraph 1 (definitions)— (a) after the definition of “Diocesan...
3.In paragraph 6 (shares in Investment Funds) —
4.In paragraph 7 (initial contributions: division into Shares)—
5.In paragraph 8 (subsequent contributions and withdrawals)—
6.After paragraph 8 there shall be inserted the following paragraph—...
7.In paragraph 9 (valuations) — (a) in sub-paragraph (1) —...
8.In paragraph 10 (certificates as to value) —
9.In paragraph 11 (income) — (a) in sub-paragraph (2) at...
10.In paragraph 12 (costs and expenses) for the words “retain...
11.In paragraph 14 (accounts and information) —
12.In paragraph 16 (holding of investments) the words “trust corporation...
13.In paragraph 18 (winding up of an Investment Fund) for...