Malvern Hills Act 1995

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Introductory Text
1.Short and collective titles.
3.Provision of refreshment facilities.
4.Licensing of stalls.
5.Provision of temporary lavatories.
6.As to disposal of land.
7.Provision for capital and income.
8.Power to grant easements, etc.
9.Power to provide buildings for use by the Conservators.
10.Power to borrow.
11.Amount for contingencies.
12.Land acquisition fund.
13.Confirmation of byelaws and fines thereunder.
14.Further provision as to enforcement of byelaws.
15.Public access to the Malvern Hills.
16.Regulation of horse-riding on the Malvern Hills.
17.Designated ways.
18.New ways.
19.Seizure of stray animals.
20.Removal of placards and abandoned machinery and vehicles.
21.Law of Property Act.
22.Local inquiries.
23.Display of advertisements.
24.Saving for town and country planning.
25.For protection of British Railways Board.
26.Application of certain enactments.
27.Amendments and repeals.
28.Costs of Act.


Schedule 1

Schedule 2

Part I Provisions of the Act of 1884 amended.
Part II Provisions of the Act of 1924 amended.
Part III Provisions of the Act of 1930 amended.

Schedule 3