Proceeds of Crime Act 1995

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Making of confiscation orders

1. Duty to make confiscation orders.
2. Confiscation relating to a course of criminal conduct.

Incidental provisions relating to confiscation

3. Provision of information by prosecutor.
4. Provision of information by defendant.
5. Review of cases where proceeds of crime not assessed.
6. Revision of assessment of proceeds of crime.
7. Revision of assessment of amount to be recovered.
8. Enforcement etc. of confiscation orders.
9. Payment of interest on sums unpaid.
10. Variation of confiscation order on receiver’s application.
11. Order to make material available.
12. Authority for search.
13. Disclosure of information held by government departments.

Enforcement of overseas forfeiture and restraint orders
14. Enforcement in UK of overseas forfeiture and restraint orders


15. Consequential and transitional amendments and repeals.
16. Short title, interpretation, commencement and extent.


Consequential Amendments of the 1988 Act

1.In section 72 of the 1988 Act (making of confiscation...
2.(1) Section 72A of that Act (postponed determinations of benefit...
3.In the table in section 102(2) of that Act (table...