The Jobseekers (Northern Ireland) Order 1995

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Introductory Text

Part I Introductory

1.Title and commencement

Part II The Jobseeker's Allowance


3.The jobseeker's allowance
4.The contribution-based conditions
5.The income-based conditions
5A.The conditions for claims by joint-claim couples
5B.Joint-claim couples: the nominated member
6.Amount payable by way of a jobseeker's allowance
6A.Amount payable in respect of joint-claim couple
7.Duration of a contribution-based jobseeker's allowance


8.Availability for employment
9.Actively seeking employment
10.Attendance, information and evidence
11.The jobseeker's agreement
12.Variation of jobseeker's agreement
13.Jobseeker's agreement: reviews and appeals

Income and Capital

14.Income and capital: general
15.Income and capital: income-based jobseeker's allowance

Trade disputes

16.Trade disputes
17.Effect on other claimants
17A.Trade disputes: joint-claim couples

Persons under 18

18.Severe hardship
19.Reduced payments
20.Recovery of overpayments

Denial of jobseeker's allowance

21.Circumstances in which a jobseeker's allowance is not payable
22.Exemptions from Article 21
22A.Denial or reduction of joint-claim jobseeker's allowance
22B.Exemptions from Article 22A


23.Supplementary provisions
24.Members of the forces
25.Recovery of sums in respect of maintenance
26.Effect of alteration of rates
27.Age increases

Part III Back to Work Schemes

28.The back to work bonus
29.Employment of long-term unemployed: deductions by employers
30.Expedited claims for housing benefit
31.Pilot schemes

Part IV Miscellaneous and Supplemental

32.Termination of awards
Art. 34 rep. 2000 c. 4 (NI)
36.Regulations and orders
37.Assembly, etc. control
38.General financial arrangements
39.Transitional provisions
Art. 40—Amendments and repeals


Supplementary Provisions

Remunerative work (1) For the purposes of this Order, “remunerative work” has...

Remunerative work
1.(1) For the purposes of this Order, “remunerative work” has...

Limited capability for work
2.(1) The question whether a person has, or does not...

Linking periods
3.Regulations may provide— (a) for jobseeking periods which are separated...

Waiting days
4.Except in prescribed circumstances, a person is not entitled to...

Periods of less than a week
5.Regulations may make provision in relation to—

Employment protection sums
6.(1) In relation to any contribution-based jobseeker's allowance, regulations may...

Pension payments
7.Regulations may make provision, for the purposes of any provision...


8.Regulations may prescribe circumstances in which a person may be...
8A.(1) Regulations may prescribe circumstances in which a joint-claim couple...
9.Regulations may provide— (a) for an income-based jobseeker's allowance to...

Continuity of claims and awards: persons ceasing to be a joint-claim couple
9A.(1) Regulations may make provision about the entitlement to a...

Continuity of claims and awards: persons again becoming a joint-claim couple
9B.(1) Regulations may make provision about the entitlement to a...

Continuity of claims and awards: couple becoming a joint-claim couple
9C.(1) Regulations may make provision about the entitlement to a...

Paragraphs 9A to 9C: supplementary
9D.(1) Regulations may provide, in relation to any replacement award...

Claims yet to be determined and suspended payments
10.(1) In such circumstances as may be prescribed—

Presence in and absence from Northern Ireland
11.(1) Regulations may provide that in prescribed circumstances a claimant...

12.Regulations may make provision for the purposes of this Order...

Responsibility for another person
13.Regulations may make provision for the purposes of this Order...

Relevant education
14.Regulations may make provision for the purposes of this Order—...

Calculation of periods
15.Regulations may make provision for calculating periods for any purpose...

Employment on ships, etc.
16.(1) Regulations may modify any provision of this Order in...

Additional conditions
17.Regulations may require additional conditions to be satisfied with respect...

Benefits Act purposes
18.Regulations may provide for— (a) a jobseeker's allowance;

Schedule 2—Amendments

Schedule 3—Repeals