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Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995

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1. Tenancies to which the Act applies.
2. Covenants to which the Act applies.

Transmission of covenants

3. Transmission of benefit and burden of covenants.
4. Transmission of rights of re-entry.

Release of covenants on assignment

5. Tenant released from covenants on assignment of tenancy.
6. Landlord may be released from covenants on assignment of reversion.
7. Former landlord may be released from covenants on assignment of reversion.
8. Procedure for seeking release from a covenant under section 6 or 7.

Apportionment of liability between assignor and assignee

9. Apportionment of liability under covenants binding both assignor and assignee of tenancy or reversion.
10. Procedure for making apportionment bind other party to lease.

Excluded assignments
11. Assignments in breach of covenant or by operation of law.

Third party covenants
12. Covenants with management companies etc.

Joint liability under covenants

13. Covenants binding two or more persons.
14. Abolition of indemnity covenants implied by statute.

Enforcement of covenants
15. Enforcement of covenants.

Liability of former tenant etc. in respect of covenants

16. Tenant guaranteeing performance of covenant by assignee.
17. Restriction on liability of former tenant or his guarantor for rent or service charge etc.
18. Restriction of liability of former tenant or his guarantor where tenancy subsequently varied.

Overriding leases

19. Right of former tenant or his guarantor to overriding lease.
20. Overriding leases: supplementary provisions.

Forfeiture and disclaimer
21. Forfeiture or disclaimer limited to part only of demised premises.

Landlord’s consent to assignments
22. Imposition of conditions regulating giving of landlord’s consent to assignments.


23. Effects of becoming subject to liability under, or entitled to benefit of, covenant etc.
24. Effects of release from liability under, or loss of benefit of, covenant.
25. Agreement void if it restricts operation of the Act.
26. Miscellaneous savings etc.
27. Notices for the purposes of the Act.
28. Interpretation.
29. Crown application.
30. Consequential amendments and repeals.
31. Commencement.
32. Short title and extent.


Consequential Amendments

Trustee Act 1925 (c.19)
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Law of Property Act 1925 (c.20)
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Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (c.56)

3.At the end of section 34 of the Landlord and...
4.(1) The existing provisions of section 35 of that Act...