The Police (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 1995

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Introductory Text

PART I Introductory

1.Title and commencement

PART II Police Powers

3.Application of 1989 Order to persons taken to police station from custodial establishments.
4.Entry to arrest a person unlawfully at large
5.Extension of powers to search persons' mouths
6.Police detention after charge
7.Power for police to arrest for failure to answer police bail
8.Samples: intimate and non-intimate, etc.
10.Powers of police to take intimate body samples
11.Powers of police to take non-intimate body samples
12.Fingerprints and samples: supplementary provisions
13.Retention of samples in certain cases
Part III rep. by 1998 NI 32


16.Interpretation of Part IV
17.Preliminary handling of complaints by Chief Constable
18.Investigation of complaints against officers, other than senior officers
19.Investigation of complaints against senior officers
20.Reference of other matters to Commission
21.Supervision of investigations by Commission
22.Steps to be taken after investigation
23.Powers of Commission to direct reference of reports, etc. to Director of Public Prosecutions
24.Powers of Commission as to disciplinary proceedings
25.Information as to manner of dealing with complaints, etc.
26.Constabularies not maintained by Police Authority
28.Restriction on disclosure of information
30.Admissibility of statement made for purposes of informal resolution of complaint
31.Guidelines concerning discipline, complaints, etc.

PART V Supplementary
Article 32—Amendments and repeals

Schedule 1—Amendments

Schedule 2—Repeals