The Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 1995

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1.Title and commencement
2.General interpretation
3.Meaning of “motor vehicle” and other expressions relating to vehicles
4.Supplementary provisions about those expressions
5.Articulated vehicles
6.Certain vehicles not to be treated as motor vehicles
7.Method of calculating weight of motor vehicles and trailers
8.Interpretation of statutory references to carriages

PART II Principal Road Safety Provisions

Driving Offences

9.Causing death, or grievous bodily injury, by dangerous driving
10.Dangerous driving
11.Meaning of dangerous driving
11A.Causing death or grievous bodily injury by careless or inconsiderate driving
12.Careless, and inconsiderate, driving
12A.Meaning of careless, or inconsiderate, driving
12B.Causing death or grievous bodily injury by driving: unlicensed, disqualified or uninsured driver

Motor vehicles: drink and drugs

13.Interpretation of Articles 14 to 21
14.Causing death, or grievous bodily injury, by careless driving when under influence of drink or drugs
15.Driving, or being in charge, when under influence of drink or drugs
16.Driving, or being in charge of, a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above prescribed limit
17.Power to administer preliminary tests
17A.Preliminary breath test
17B.Preliminary impairment test
17C.Preliminary drug test
17E.Power of entry
18.Provision of specimens for analysis
18A.Specimens of blood taken from persons incapable of consenting
19.Choice of specimens of breath
20.Protection for hospital patients
21.Detention of persons affected by alcohol or a drug

Authorised motoring events
22.Disapplication of Articles 9, 10 and 12 for authorised motoring events

Protective measures: seat belts, helmets, etc.

23.Seat belts: adults
24.Restriction on carrying children not wearing seat belts in motor vehicles
24A.Requirement to notify bus passengers to wear seat belts
24B.Local Service
25.Payments in respect of applicants for exemption from wearing seat belts
26.Safety equipment for children in motor vehicles
27.Wearing of protective headgear
28.Protective helmets for motor cyclists
29.Authorisation of head-worn appliances for use on motor cycles

Stopping on verges, etc., or in dangerous positions, etc.

30.Prohibition of parking of heavy commercial vehicles on verges, central reservations and footways
31.Definition of “heavy commercial vehicle” for the purposes of Article 30
32.Leaving vehicles in dangerous positions

Danger to road-users
33.Causing danger to road-users

Other restrictions in interests of safety

34.Restrictions of carriage of persons on motor bicycles
35.Restrictions of carriage of persons on bicycles
36.Tampering with motor vehicles
37.Holding or getting on to vehicle in order to be towed or carried
38.Pedestrian endangering own safety or that of others
39.Passing with a led horse
40.Drunkenness, etc., in charge of horse-drawn vehicle
41.Careless, and inconsiderate, driving of horse-drawn vehicle

Cycling offences and cycle racing

42.Dangerous cycling
43.Careless, and inconsiderate, cycling
44.Cycling when under influence of drink or drugs
45.Regulation of cycle racing on public roads
46.Electrically assisted pedal cycles

Use of motor vehicle etc., away from roads

47.Control of use of public paths, etc., for motor vehicle trials
48.Prohibition of driving mechanically propelled vehicles elsewhere than on roads

Traffic directions and traffic signs

49.Contravention of directions
50.Contravention of traffic signs

Promotion of road safety

51.Highway Code
52.Powers of Department as to giving road safety information and training
52A.Functions of Department for Regional Development as to road safety

Part III Construction and Use of Vehicles and Equipment

53.Interpretation of Part III

Using vehicle in dangerous condition
54.Using vehicle in dangerous condition etc.

General regulation of construction, use, etc.

55.Regulation of construction, weight, equipment and use of vehicles
56.Breach of requirement as to brakes, steering-gear or tyres
56A.Breach of requirements as to control of vehicle, mobile telephones etc.
57.Breach of requirement as to weight: goods and passenger vehicles
57A.Breach of requirement as to speed assessment equipment detection devices
58.Breach of other construction and use requirements
59.Temporary exemption from application of regulations under Article 55
60.Authorisation of use on roads of special vehicles not complying with regulations under Article 55

Tests of vehicles other than goods vehicles to which Article 65 applies

61.Tests of satisfactory condition of vehicles
62.Particular aspects of regulations under Article 61
63.Obligatory test certificates
63A.Display of test certificates
64.Supplementary provisions about test certificates

Test of certain classes of goods vehicles

65.Tests of satisfactory condition of goods vehicles and determination of plated weights, etc.
66.Appeals against determinations
67.Particular aspects of regulations under Article 65
68.Supplementary provision about tests, etc., of goods vehicles
69.Obligatory goods vehicle test certificates
70.Using goods vehicle with unauthorised weights as well as authorised weights marked on it
71.Restriction on carrying passengers on goods vehicles

Conditions for grant of excise licence
72.Regulations prohibiting the grant of excise licences for certain vehicles except on compliance with certain conditions

Vehicle testing centres and vehicle examiners

73.Vehicle testing centres
74.Appointment of examiners

Testing vehicles on roads
75.Testing of condition of vehicles on roads

Inspection of vehicles
76.Inspection of vehicles

Prohibition of unfit vehicles

77.Power to prohibit driving of unfit vehicles
78.Prohibitions conditional on inspection etc.
79.Power to prohibit driving of overloaded vehicles
80.Unfit and overloaded vehicles: offences
81.Removal of prohibitions

Miscellaneous provisions about vehicles and vehicle parts

82.Operator's duty to inspect, and keep records of inspection of, goods vehicles
83.Vehicles not to be sold in unroadworthy condition or altered so as to be unroadworthy
84.Fitting and supply of defective or unsuitable vehicle parts
85.Testing condition of used vehicles at sale rooms, etc.
86.Weighing of motor vehicles
87.Further provisions relating to weighing of motor vehicles

Cycles and horse-drawn vehicles

88.Regulation of brakes, bells etc., on cycles
89.Regulation of brakes on horse-drawn vehicles


90.Offences to do with reflectors and tail lamps
91.Appointment of officials

PART IV Miscellaneous Amendments of the Order of 1981

92.Licensing of motor cyclists
Art. 93 rep. by 1997 NI 2
Arts. 94‐97 rep. by 1996 NI 10
98.Duties on occurrence of an accident
99.Powers of vehicle examiners
Arts.100‐103 rep by 1996 NI 10


Art. 104 rep by 1996 NI 10

Application of Order

105.Application of Order to hovercraft
106.Application of Order to trolley vehicles
107.Application of Order to invalid carriages
108.Application of Order to the Crown
109.Application of Order in relation to harbour commissioners


110.General provisions as to orders and regulations
111.Savings and transitional provisions
Art. 112—Amendments and repeals


Supplementary Provisions in connection with Proceedings for Offences under Articles 16, 28 and 29(4)

1.(1) A person against whom proceedings are brought for an...
2.(1) Where— (a) it appears that an offence under Article...
3.(1) Subject to the provisions of this paragraph, in any...
4.(1) An accused who in any proceedings for an offence...
5.In this Schedule, “equipment” means equipment to which Article 26...

Schedule 2 rep. by 1996 NI 10

Form of seat belt symbol for buses

Schedule 3—Amendments

Schedule 4—Repeals