Drug Trafficking Act 1994

Link to law: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1994/37/contents

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Introductory Text

Part I Confiscation orders

1. Meaning of “drug trafficking” and “drug trafficking offence”.

Confiscation orders

2. Confiscation orders.
3. Postponed determinations.
4. Assessing the proceeds of drug trafficking.
5. Amount to be recovered under confiscation order.
6. Meaning of “amount that might be realised” and “realisable property”.
7. Value of property etc.
8. Gifts caught by this Act.
9. Application of procedure for enforcing fines.
10. Interest on sums unpaid under confiscation orders.

Statements etc in connection with confiscation orders

11. Statements relating to drug trafficking.
12. Provision of information by defendant.

Further proceedings in connection with confiscation orders

13. Reconsideration of case where court has not proceeded under section 2.
14. Re-assessment of whether defendant has benefited from drug trafficking.
15. Revised assessment of proceeds of drug trafficking.
16. Increase in realisable property.
17. Inadequacy of realisable property.
18. Compensation.

Confiscation orders where defendant has absconded or died

19. Powers of High Court where defendant has absconded or died.
20. Effect of conviction where High Court has acted under section 19.
21. Variation of confiscation orders made by virtue of section 19.
22. Compensation etc where absconder is acquitted.
23. Power to discharge confiscation order and order compensation where absconder returns.
24. Provisions supplementary to sections 21, 22 and 23.

Restraint orders and charging orders

25. Cases in which restraint orders and charging orders may be made.
26. Restraint orders.
27. Charging orders in respect of land, securities etc.
28. Charging orders: supplementary provisions.

Realisation of property

29. Realisation of property.
30. Application of proceeds of realisation and other sums.

Exercise of powers for the realisation of property
31. Exercise by High Court, county court or receiver of powers for the realisation of property.

Insolvency of defendants etc

32. Bankruptcy of defendant etc.
33. Sequestration in Scotland of defendant etc.
34. Winding up of company holding realisable property.

Protection for insolvency officers etc

35. Insolvency officers dealing with property subject to restraint order.
36. Receivers: supplementary provisions.

Enforcement of orders made outside England and Wales

37. Recognition and enforcement of orders and functions under Part I of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 1987.
38. Enforcement of Northern Ireland orders.
39. Enforcement of external confiscation orders.
40. Registration of external confiscation orders.

41. Interpretation of Part I.

Part II Drug trafficking money imported or exported in cash

42. Seizure and detention.
43. Forfeiture.
44. Appeal against forfeiture order made by a magistrates’ court.
45. Appeal against forfeiture order made by sheriff.
46. Rules of court.
47. Receipts.
48. Interpretation of Part II.

Part III Offences in connection with proceeds of drug trafficking

49. Concealing or transferring proceeds of drug trafficking.
50. Assisting another person to retain the benefit of drug trafficking.
51. Acquisition, possession or use of proceeds of drug trafficking.
52. Failure to disclose knowledge or suspicion of money laundering.
53. Tipping-off.
54. Penalties.

Part IV Miscellaneous and supplemental

Investigations into drug trafficking

55. Order to make material available.
56. Authority for search.
57. Provisions supplementary to sections 55 and 56.
58. Offence of prejudicing investigation.
59. Disclosure of information held by government departments.

Prosecution of offences etc

60. Prosecution by order of the Commissioners of Customs and Excise.
61. Extension of certain offences to Crown servants and exemptions for regulators etc.

Interpretation of Act

62. Meaning of “property” and related expressions.
63. General interpretation.
64. Index of defined expressions.


65. Consequential amendments and modifications of other Acts.
66. Transitional provisions and savings.
67. Repeals etc.
68. Extent.
69. Short title and commencement.



Consequential amendments

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Criminal Justice Act 1993 (c. 36)
30.(1) Section 79 of the Criminal Justice Act 1993 shall...

Transitional provisions etc

General transitional provisions and savings

1.Anything done or having effect as if done (including the...
2.Any reference (express or implied) in this Act or any...
3.Any reference (express or implied) in any enactment, or in...
4.Paragraphs 1 to 3 above— (a) have effect in place...

Provision in relation to section 32 of this Act
5.In any case in which a petition in bankruptcy was...

Provision in relation to section 34 of this Act
6.In any case in which a winding up of a...

Provision in relation to Part II of this Act
7.Nothing in sections 43(4), 44 or 45 of this Act...

Provision in relation to section 21(3) of the Criminal Justice Act 1993
8.The repeal by this Act of subsection (2) of section...

Provision in relation to section 26(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 1993
9.The repeal by this Act of subsection (1) of section...

Provision in relation to Schedule 4 to the Criminal Justice Act 1993
10.The repeal by this Act of paragraph 1 of Schedule...

Further transitional provision
11.The Secretary of State may by order made by statutory...



1.This Table shows the derivation of the provisions of the...
2.The following abbreviations are used in the table:— 1986 =...