City of Westminster Act 1999

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Introductory Text
1.Citation and commencement.
4.Itinerant ice cream trading.
5.Designation of streets and specification of articles.
6.Designating resolution.
7.Specifying resolution.
8.Licensing of street traders.
9.Street trading licences.
10.Standard conditions.
12.Mandatory grounds of refusal.
13.Discretionary grounds of refusal.
14.Cancellation of licences.
15.Revocation of licences.
16.Variation of licences.
17.Further provisions relating to refusal, revocation or variation of street trading licences.
18.Appeals against refusal, revocation or variation of licences.
19.Appeals to Secretary of State.
21.Temporary licences.
22.Fees and charges.
23.Receptacles and containers.
25.Power to remove receptacles.
26.Employment of assistants.
27.Unlicensed street trading.
29.Provision as to notices.
30.Proof of resolution.
31.Exercise of powers.
32.Disapplication of Part III of London Local Authorities Act 1990.