Social Security Act 1998

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Part I Decisions and Appeals

Chapter I General


1.Transfer of functions to Secretary of State.
2.Use of computers.
3.Use of information.


4.Unified appeal tribunals.
5.President of appeal tribunals.
6.Panel for appointment to appeal tribunals.
7.Constitution of appeal tribunals.

Chapter II Social Security Decisions and Appeals


8.Decisions by Secretary of State.
9.Revision of decisions.
10.Decisions superseding earlier decisions.
11.Regulations with respect to decisions.


12.Appeal to appeal tribunal.
13.Redetermination etc. of appeals by tribunal.
14.Appeal from tribunal to Commissioner.
15.Appeal from Commissioner on point of law.

Procedure etc.

17.Finality of decisions.
18.Matters arising as respects decisions.

Medical examinations

19.Medical examination required by Secretary of State.
20.Medical examination required by appeal tribunal.

Suspension and termination of benefit

21.Suspension in prescribed circumstances.
22.Suspension for failure to furnish information etc.
23.Termination in cases of failure to furnish information.
24.Suspension and termination for failure to submit to medical examination.

Decisions and appeals dependent on other cases

25.Decisions involving issues that arise on appeal in other cases.
26.Appeals involving issues that arise on appeal in other cases.

Cases of error

27.Restrictions on entitlement to benefit in certain cases of error.
28.Correction of errors and setting aside of decisions.

Industrial accidents

29.Decision that accident is an industrial accident.
30.Effect of decision.

Other special cases

31.Incapacity for work.
32.Industrial diseases.
33.Christmas bonus.

Housing benefit and council tax benefit

34.Determination of claims and reviews.
35.Suspension of benefit in prescribed circumstances.

Social fund payments

36.Appropriate officers.
37.The social fund Commissioner and inspectors.
38.Reviews of determinations.

39.Interpretation etc. of Chapter II.

Chapter III Other Decisions and Appeals

Child support

40.Child support: revision of decisions.
41.Child support: decisions superseding earlier decisions.
42.Child support: appeals to appeal tribunals.
43.Child support: decisions and appeals dependent on other cases.
44.Child support: cases of error.

Vaccine damage payments

45.Vaccine damage payments: decisions reversing earlier decisions.
46.Vaccine damage payments: appeals to appeal tribunals.
47.Vaccine damage payments: correction of errors etc.

Part II Contributions

Amendments of Contributions and Benefits Act

48.Apportionment of payments etc. made for more than one earner.
49.Payments on account of directors' contributions.
50.Payments treated as remuneration and earnings.
51.Class 1 contributions.
52.Class 1A contributions.
53.Class 1B contributions.
54.Contributions paid in error.
55.Recovery of primary Class 1 contributions by secondary contributors.
56.Contributions returns.
57.Collection of contributions by Secretary of State.
58.Interest and penalties chargeable concurrently with Inland Revenue.
59.Levy of Class 4 contributions with income tax.

Amendments of Administration Act

60.Breach of regulations.
61.Offences and penalties relating to contributions.
62.Evidence of non-payment.
63.Recovery of contributions etc.
64.Liability of directors etc. for company’s contributions.
65.Class 1B contributions: supplemental.
66.Payments of certain contributions out of the Consolidated Fund.

Part III Benefits

Amendments etc. of Contributions and Benefits Act

67.Daily rate of maternity allowance.
68.Rates of short-term incapacity benefit.
69.Validation of certain housing benefit determinations.
70.Discretionary payments out of social fund.
71.Budgeting loans: criteria for making awards.
72.Power to reduce child benefit for lone parents.
73.Statutory sick pay not precluded by maternity allowance.

Amendments of Administration Act

74.Provision of information.
75.Overpayments out of social fund.
76.Power to anticipate pensions up-rating order.

Part IV Miscellaneous and supplemental

77.Pilot schemes.
78.Expenditure for facilitating transfer of functions etc.
79.Regulations and orders.
80.Parliamentary control of regulations.
81.Reports by Secretary of State.
82.Financial provisions.
83.Transitory provisions.
84.Interpretation: general.
85.Provision for Northern Ireland.
86.Minor and consequential amendments and repeals.
87.Short title, commencement and extent.


Schedule 1
Appeal tribunals: supplementary provisions.

Schedule 2
Decisions against which no appeal lies.

Schedule 3
Decisions against which an appeal lies.

Part I Benefit decisions.
Part II Contributions decisions.

Schedule 4
Social Security Commissioners.

Schedule 5
Regulations as to procedure: provision which may be made.

Schedule 6
Transitory provisions.

Schedule 7
Minor and consequential amendments.

Schedule 8