Northern Ireland (Sentences) Act 1998

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Sentence Review Commissioners

1. Sentence Review Commissioners.
2. Commissioners’ procedure.

Eligibility for release

3. Applications.
4. Fixed term prisoners.
5. Fixed term prisoners: special cases.
6. Life prisoners.
7. Life prisoners: specified dates.
8. Revocation of declaration.
9. Licences: conditions.

Release: further provisions

10. Accelerated release.
11. Notice of decisions.
12. Interpretation: prisoners and sentences.
13. Interpretation: terrorism.
14. Inadmissibility.
15. Information for victims.
16. Power to suspend and revive.


17. Sentences passed outside Northern Ireland.
18. Remission: amendment of 1995 Act.


19. Orders and rules.
20. Money.
21. Extent.
22. Commencement.
23. Short title.



1.The Secretary of State shall appoint a chairman, or joint...


2.A Commissioner— (a) shall hold office in accordance with the...
3.The Secretary of State may dismiss a Commissioner if satisfied—...

Remuneration and allowances
4.(1) The Secretary of State shall pay such remuneration, fees...

Staff, premises, etc.
5.The Secretary of State shall provide for the Commissioners the...

Annual report
6.(1) The chairman (or joint chairmen) shall, as soon as...

Disqualification of Commissioners

7.In Part III of Schedule 1 to the House of...
8.In Part III of Schedule 1 to the Northern Ireland...
9.In section 4 of the Northern Ireland (Elections) Act 1998...

Disapplication of Acts
10.The following provisions shall not apply in relation to the...

Commissioners’ Procedure

1.The Secretary of State may make rules prescribing the procedure...

Allocation of cases
2.The rules may provide— (a) for the allocation of proceedings...

Conduct of proceedings
3.(1) The rules may require the Commissioners conducting the proceedings...

4.The rules may require an application to be made in...

Evidence and information
5.The rules may make provision about evidence and information, including...

Exclusion of persons from proceedings

6.The rules may provide for proceedings to be held in...
7.(1) The rules may permit Commissioners to hold proceedings in...

Successive applications
8.The rules may prevent successive applications under any provision of...

Legal aid
9.(1) The rules may allow Commissioners to award a prisoner...

Sentences passed outside Northern Ireland

Eligibility for release
1.(1) This paragraph applies where a prisoner who makes an...

Equivalent offence
2.(1) An offence is equivalent to a qualifying offence if...

Effect of declaration

3.Where a declaration is granted under section 3 in accordance...
4.(1) For section 4(1)(b) there shall be substituted—
5.The references in sections 5 and 10 to section 26...
6.The following shall be substituted for section 7— Life prisoners:...
7.For section 15(1)(b) there shall be substituted—
8.(1) The reference in section 12(4) to detention at the...

Restricted transfers
9.(1) Nothing in Part II of Schedule 1 to the...