Registration of Political Parties Act 1998

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The register of political parties
1. The register.


2. Applications for registration.
3. Grant of applications.
4. Entries in the register.
5. Emblems.

Changing, confirming and removing registrations

6. Changes to the register.
7. Confirmation of registration.
8. Removal of entries from the register.
9. Applications under section 6 or 8.

Speaker’s Committee
10. Speaker’s committee.

Access to the register

11. General access.
12. Request by Secretary of State.

Effects of registration

13. Parliamentary elections: nomination and ballot papers.
14. Party political broadcasts.
15. Security at party conferences.

Transitional provisions

16. First transitional stage.
17. Second transitional stage.
18. Transitional ground for refusal to register.

Miscellaneous and general

19. False statements: offence.
20. Orders and regulations.
21. Money.
22. Interpretation.
23. Consequential amendments.
24. Short title.
25. Commencement.
26. Extent.


Applications for Registration

1.An application for inclusion in the register of political parties—...

2.(1) An application must specify either— (a) a name to...

3.An application must specify— (a) the address of the party’s...

Registered officers

4.(1) An application must give the name and home address...
5.(1) An application must give the name and home address...
6.If one person is named in an application both as...

Additional information
7.An application must include any other information prescribed by order...

8.An application must be signed by the proposed registered leader...

Amendments of the Parliamentary Elections Rules

1.The Parliamentary Elections Rules set out in Schedule 1 to...
2.After rule 6 (nomination of candidates) insert— Nomination papers: name...
3.(1) Rule 12 (decisions as to validity of nomination papers)...
4.In rule 19 (the ballot papers), after paragraph (2) insert—...
5.In the Appendix of Forms, for the form of the...
6.In the Directions as to printing the ballot paper in...

Consequential Amendments and Modifications

European Parliamentary Elections Act 1978 (c. 10)
1.In section 3(8)(a) of the European Parliamentary Elections Act 1978...

Companies Act 1985 (c. 6)
2.Section 704(2) of the Companies Act 1985 (staff) shall have...

Broadcasting Act 1990 (c. 42)
3.In sections 36(3) and 107(2) of the Broadcasting Act 1990...

Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994 (c. 40)
4.Section 74(4)(a) of the Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994...

Government of Wales Act 1998 (c. 38)
5.In section 4(8) of the Government of Wales Act 1998...