The Commissioner for Complaints (Northern Ireland) Order 1996

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Introductory Text

Introductory Title and commencement (1) This Order may be cited as the Commissioner for...


1.Title and commencement

The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints

3.The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints
4.Salary and pension
5.Appointment of acting Commissioner
5A.Ineligibility of certain persons for appointment as Commissioner
6.Staff and expenses

Investigations by the Commissioner

7.Bodies subject to investigation
8.General health care providers subject to investigation
8A.Independent providers of health and social care subject to investigation
9.Matters not subject to investigation
10.Provisions relating to complaints
10A.Referral of complaint by health and social care body
11.Purposes of investigation
12.Procedure in respect of investigations
14.Obstruction and contempt
15.Reports on investigations
16.Application for compensation by person aggrieved
17.Application to High Court for relief following report by Commissioner
18.Supplementary provisions in relation to proceedings under Article 16 or 17
19.Reports to the Assembly
20.Privilege for certain publications
21.Disclosure of information by Commissioner
21A.Disclosure of information to Information Commissioner

Supplementary provisions

23.Amendments, repeals and transitional and saving provisions



Interpretation In this Schedule— “the 1993 Act” means the Judicial Pensions...

1.In this Schedule— “the 1993 Act” means the Judicial Pensions...

Persons holding office before 31 March 1995
2.Notwithstanding any provision in this Order, the Parliamentary Commissioner for...

Persons taking office on or after 31 March 1995
3.A person who first holds office as Commissioner on or...

Effect of election to continue in former scheme
4.Where a person elects under this Schedule for his former...

Effect of election for the civil service scheme
5.Where a person elects under this Schedule for the civil...

Effect of election for the 1993 scheme
6.(1) A person who elects under paragraph 3(b) for the...

Time for, and manner of, election
7.Any power to make an election under this Schedule shall...

8.(1) The Minister for the Civil Service may make regulations...

Pensions and benefits to be charged on the Consolidated Fund of the United Kingdom
9.Any pension or other benefit granted by virtue of this...


The Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland.
The Agri-food and Biosciences Institute
Appeal Officer for Community Interest Companies

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.
The Board of Trustees of the National Museums and Galleries...
The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice for Northern Ireland.
Entry rep. by 1998 c. 47
The Commission for Victims and Survivors for Northern Ireland
The company for the time being designated under Article 5...
The Council for Catholic Maintained Schools.
A development corporation established under Part III of the Strategic...
A district council, a joint committee appointed by two or...
A district policing partnership
An education and library board.
Enterprise Ulster.
The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.
Entries rep. by 1998 c. 47
The Fire Authority for Northern Ireland.
The Fisheries Conservancy Board for Northern Ireland.
The General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland.
A harbour authority within the meaning of the Harbours Act...
The Health and Safety Agency for Northern Ireland.
The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland.
A health and social services board.
A health and social services council.
A health and social care trust.
An industrial training board.
Invest Northern Ireland
The Labour Relations Agency.
The Laganside Corporation.
The Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland.
Entry rep. by 2002 c. 1 (NI)
The Local Government Staff Commission for Northern Ireland.
The Mental Health Commission for Northern Ireland.
The National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting for...
A new town commission established under the New Towns Acts...
The Northern Ireland Central Services Agency for the Health and...
The Northern Ireland Community Relations Council.
The Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment....
The Northern Ireland Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education....
The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board
The Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority.
The Northern Ireland Health and Personal Social Services Regulation and...
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive.
The Northern Ireland Law Commission.
The Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission.
The Northern Ireland Library Authority
The Northern Ireland Local Government Officers' Superannuation Committee.
The Northern Ireland Museums Council.
The Northern Ireland Police Fund.
The Northern Ireland Policing Board.
The Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and...
The Northern Ireland Social Care Council.
The Northern Ireland Tourist Board.
Office of the Certification Officer for Northern Ireland.
The Office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People...
The Office of the Commissioner for Victims and Survivors for...
Entries rep. by 1999 NI 9
The Patient and Client Council.
The Probation Board for Northern Ireland.
The Regional Agency for Public Health and Social Well-being.
The Regional Business Services Organisation.
The Regional Health and Social Care Board.

A registered housing association within the meaning of Article 3(2)...
Regulator of Community Interest Companies
The Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross Foundation.
The Rural Development Council for Northern Ireland.
A special health and social care agency.
The Sports Council for Northern Ireland.
The Staff Commission for Education and Library Boards.
A sub-group established under section 21 of the Police (Northern...
Entries rep. by 1998 NI 2
Ulster Sheltered Employment Limited.
The Youth Council for Northern Ireland.


1.The commencement or conduct of any civil or criminal proceedings...
2.Action which is or may be investigated by the Attorney...
Provided that, if, after the Attorney General has decided not...
Para. 3 rep. by 1997 NI 14
4.Action taken in respect of any matter which is within...

Schedule 4 rep. by 1998 c. 47

Schedule 5—Repeals