The Local Government Act 1988 (Defined Activities) (Exemption) (London Borough of Brent) Order 1996

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Published: 1996-09-16

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Statutory Instruments
1996 No. 2417

The Local Government Act 1988 (Defined Activities) (Exemption) (London Borough of Brent) Order 1996

16th September 1996

Laid before Parliament
25th September 1996

Coming into force
16th October 1996

The Secretary of State, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by sections 2(9) and 15(5) of the Local Government Act 1988(1), and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, hereby makes the following Order:

Citation and commencement

1.  This Order may be cited as the Local Government Act 1988 (Defined Activities) (Exemption) (London Borough of Brent) Order 1996 and shall come into force on 16th October 1996.

2.  In this Order “the Borough” means the Council of the London Borough of Brent.

Exemption of ground maintenance work

3.  The maintenance of ground by the Borough shall not be treated as a defined activity so long as it is undertaken at any of the sites in their area listed in Schedule I to this Order before 1st July 1997.

4.  Cleaning (other than cleaning of buildings) by the Borough shall not be treated as a defined activity so long as it is undertaken in any of the streets in their area listed in Schedule II to this Order before 1st April 1997.

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State

James Clappison
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State,
Department of the Environment
16th September 1996


Parks and Open Spaces

Abbey Estate Open Space, Queensbury Road, Alperton

Albert Road Open Space, Albert Road, NW6

Alperton Sports Ground, Alperton Lane, Alperton

Barretts Green Road Canal Walk, Barretts Green Road, NW10

Barretts Green Road Car Park, Steele Road, NW10

Bramshill Road Playground, Bramshill Road, NW10

Brent House, High Road, Wembley

Brentfield Road/Evefield Open Space, Brentfield Road, NW10

Brentfield Park, Leicester Road, NW10

Brondesbury and Kilburn Playing Field, Tiverton Road, NW10

Brondesbury Park Open Space, Brondesbury Park, NW2

9-15 Brondesbury Road, NW6

Brondesbury Villas Playground, Brondesbury Villas, NW6

Cambridge Square, Cambridge Gardens, NW6

Carlton Vale, Carlton Vale, NW6

Carlton Vale Roundabout, Carlton Vale, NW6

Chapter Road Playground, Chapter Road, NW2

Chelmsford Square Open Space, Chelmsford Square, NW10

Church End Open Space, Garnet Road, NW10

Church End Roundabout, High Road, NW10

Crouch Road Open Space, Crouch Road, NW10

Denzil Road Open Space, Selbie Avenue, NW10

2-24 Dudden Hill Lane, NW10

Dudden Hill Playground, Dudden Hill Lane, NW10

Franklyn Road Playground, Franklyn Road, NW10

Furness Road Playground, Furness Road, NW10

Gibbons Recreation Ground, Bridge Road, NW10

Gladstone Park, Dollis Hill Lane, NW2

Gladstone Park Walled Garden, Dollis Hill Lane, NW2

Gladstone Park Memorial, Dollis Hill Lane, NW2

Grange Museum, Dudden Hill Lane, NW10

Grange Museum Wildlife Area, Dudden Hill Lane, NW10

Granville Road, Granville Road, NW6

Harlesden Ambulance Station, Harlesden Road, NW10

Hazel Road Open Space, Hazel Road, NW10

Heather Park Open Space, Heather Park Drive, Wembley

Hovedon Road, Hovedon Road, NW2

Kassinga House, Winchelsea Road, NW10

Kensal Green Open Space, Harrow Road, NW10

Learie Constantine Open Space, Villiers Road, NW2

Longstone Avenue Recreation Ground, Longstone Avenue, NW10

Mahatma Gandhi House, Wembley Hill Road, Wembley

Mandela Close Playground, Mandela Close, NW2

Mayo Road Open Space, Mayo Road, NW10

Meadow Garth Open Space, Meadow Garth, NW10

Mount Pleasant Open Space Ground, Mount Pleasant, Wembley

Neasden Lane Open Space, Neasden Lane, NW10

One Tree Hill Open Space, Bowrons Avenue, Wembley

Princess Road Open Space, Princes Road, NW6

Rainbow Park, Langton Road, NW2

Roundwood Park, Harlesden Road, NW10

Roundwood Park Annexe, Harlesden Road, NW10

Roundwood Park Car Park, Harlesden Road, NW10

Roundwood Park, Conservation Area, Harlesden Road, NW10

Roundwood Road Open Space, Roundwood Road, NW10

Sherrans Farm Open Space, St Michael’s Avenue, Wembley

The Shrine Open Space, Woodheyes Road, NW10

South Kilburn Open Space, Carlton Vale, NW6

St Mary’s Road Playground, St Mary’s Road, NW10

St Raphael’s Way Open Space, St Raphael’s Way, NW10

Stonebridge Open Space, Hillside, NW10

Stonebridge Open Space, Mordaunt Road, NW10

Stonebridge Open Space, Milton Avenue, NW10

Stonebridge Recreation Ground, Hillside, NW10

Streatley Road Playground, Streatley Road, NW6

Taylors Lane Open Space, Taylors Lane, NW10

Tokyngton Recreation Ground, Monks Park, Wembley

Tubbs Road Playground, Tubbs Road, NW10

Willesden Community Garden, Dudden Hill Lane, NW10

249 Willesden Lane, NW2

Willesden Sports Ground, Donnington Road, NW10

Willesden Stadium, Donnington Road, NW10

William Gladstone Open Space, Parkside, NW2

Woodheyes Road Allotments, Woodheyes Road, NW10

Wyborne Way Open Space, Wyborne Way, NW10


83-109 Abbey Avenue, Wembley

92-96 Acton Lane, NW10

Athelstan Gardens, Willesden Lane, NW6

Avenue House, The Avenue, NW6

Avonhurst & Peascroft, Coverdale Road, NW2

13 Beresford Avenue, Wembley

Aneurin Bevan Court, Humber Road, NW6

Brands House, Willesden Lane, NW6

20 Brondesbury Park, NW6

Bryan House, Dobree Avenue, NW10

Buckley Court, Buckley Road, NW6

Burmead Court, Tanfield Avenue, NW2

Burnley Road, NW2

Cavendish Close, Cavendish Road, NW6

1-8 Chaplin Close, Chaplin Road, Wembley

75 Chaplin Road, Wembley

Chaplin Road Shrubberies, Chaplin Road, Wembley

Church End Housing Estate, Church Road, NW10

Clare Court, Shoot-Up Hill, NW2

Clement Close Estate, Clement Close, NW6

Crispian Close, NW10

Cullen House, Kilburn Lane, NW9

91 Dartmouth Road, NW2

Dorman Walk, Robina Close, Lewis Crescent, NW10

48-58 Drayton Road, NW10

William Dromey court, Nr Dyne Road, NW6

James Dudson Court, Wyborne Way, NW10

Ellerslie Gardens and OAP Home, Uffington Road, NW10

Elm Wood House, Harlesden Road, NW10

Elmwood House, Holland Road, NW10

Elsley Court, Babington Rise, Wembley

77-87 Exeter Road, NW2

Farm Avenue Estate, Farm Avenue, Wembley

26-44 Farm Avenue, Wembley

82-88 Farm Avenue, Wembley

Farm Avenue House, Farm Avenue, Wembley

Field House, Field Way, NW10

Fountain House, Willesden Lane, NW6

Frontenac, Donnington Road, NW10

Garfield Court, Coverdale Road, NW2

Gladstone Park Gardens, Oxleys Road, NW2

Charles Goddard House, High Road, Wembley

Grange House, Harlesden Road, NW10

288-298 Harrow Road, Nr High Road, Wembley

Harvist Road Flats, Harvist Road, NW6

Haycroft Mansions, Haycroft Gardens, NW10

32-34 Hillfield Avenue, Wembley

Huntingdon House, St Pauls Avenue, NW2

Ivy Road Flats, Ivy Road, NW2

Joules House, Christchurch Avenue, NW6

Geoffrey Jones Court, Harlesden Road, NW2

Kilburn Square, Brondesbury Road, NW6

Kingston House, Willesden Lane, NW6

Knowles House, Longstone Avenue, NW6

Landau House, Chatsworth Road, NW6

Lawnfield, Brondesbury Park, NW6

Lecky House, Oman Avenue, NW2

Lee Court, Willesden Lane, NW6

Leff House, Willesden Lane, NW6

Lodge Court, Station Grove, Wembley

Longley Avenue, Wembley

Lydford Road, NW2

Mapes House, Nr Winchester Avenue, NW6

Marley Walk, Station Parade, NW2

Mead Platt, Wembley

Midlothian House, Oman Avenue, NW2

Moatfield, Christchurch Avenue, NW6

Newfield Rise, Dollis Hill Lane, NW6

The Oaks, Harlesden Road/Donnington Road, NW2

John Parker Court, Brondesbury Park, NW10

Petherton Court, Tiverton Road, NW10

Petrie Close, Exeter Road, NW2

Pharamond, Willesden Lane, NW2

Allan Preece Court, Brondesbury Park, NW10

Purves Road, NW10

Rosedene, Christchurch Avenue, NW6

Roundwood Estate, Curzon Crescent, NW10

Rucklidge Avenue, NW10

Rutland Park Mansions, Rutland Park, NW2

Ryde House, Priory Park Road, NW6

Seymour Court, Coles Green Road, NW2

Shoot-Up Hill Day Nursery, Shoot-Up Hill, NW2

Slade Court, Shoot-Up Hill, NW2

South Kilburn Housing Estate, Kilburn Park Road, NW6

South Kilburn Housing Estate, Malvern Road, NW6

St Andrews Estate, Paddock Road, NW2

St Laurances Close, Tiverton Road/Chevening Road, NW6

St Raphael’s Housing Estate, St Raphael’s Way, NW10

Stanley Avenue, Lightly Close, Wembley

Station Grove, Wembley

James Stewart House, Dyne Road, NW6

Stonebridge Housing Estate, Brentfield Road, NW10

Stonebridge Housing Estate, Hillside, NW10

Summit Court, Nr Shoot-Up Hill, NW2

Topp Walk, Oxgate Gardens, NW2

Victoria Court, Wembley

Victoria Mansions, Nr Chambers Lane, NW10

Watling Gardens, Shoot-Up Hill, NW2

Waverley Court, Brondesbury Park, NW6

Weston House, Nr Winchester Avenue, NW6

Windmill Court, Shoot-Up Hill, NW2

Windsor House, Chatsworth Road, NW2

Woodlands House, Christchurch Avenue, NW6

Wyatt Court, Nr Ealing Road, Wembley

Wybourne House, Foxholt Gardens, NW10

Yates Court, Willesden Lane, NW6


Barham Primary School, Danethorpe Road, Wembley, HA0 4RO

Braintcroft School (Infants), Crest Road, NW2 7LL

Braintcroft School (Juniors), Warren Road, NW2 7LL

Brentfield School, Meadow Garth, NW10 0SL

Brondesbury Christchurch, Willesden Lane, NW6 7TE

Cardinal Hinsley High School, Harlesden Road, NW10 3RN

Carlton Vale School, Malvern Road, NW6 5PU

Chamberlayne Wood School, Chamberlayne Road, NW6

Coles Green School, Dollis Hill lane, NW2

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Park Avenue, NW2 5AN

Copland Community School, Cecil Avenue, Wembley, HA9 7DX

Curzon Crescent Nursery, Curzon Crescent, NW10 9SD

Doyle Nursery School, Doyle Gardens, NW10

Elsley Primary School, Tokynton Avenue, Wembley, HA9 6HT

Evan Davies Nursery School, Shakespeare Crescent, NW10 3NP

New Furness Primary School, Furness Road, NW10 5YT

Gladstone Park Primary School, Sherrick Green Road, NW10 1LB

Harlesden Primary School, Acton Lane, NW10 8UT

Keble Memorial School, Crownhill Road, NW10 4DR

John Kelly High School, Crest Road, NW2 7SN

Kensal Rise Primary School, Harvist Road, NW6 6HJ

Kilburn College — Harlesden Centre, Barretts Green Road, NW10 7AN

Kilburn College, Priory Park Road, NW6 7UJ

Kilburn College, Stafford Road, NW6 5RS

Kilburn Park School, Peel Road, NW6 5RG

Leopold Primary School, Hawkshead Road, NW10 9UU

Lyon Park School, Vincent Road, Wembley, HA0 4HH

Malorees School (Infant/Nursery), Christchurch Avenue, NW6 7PB

Malorees School (Junior), Christchurch Avenue, NW6 7PB

Manor Day School, The Avenue, NW6

Mitchellbrook Junior/Infants School, Bridge Road, NW10 9BX

Mora Primary School, Mora Road, NW2 6TA

Newfield Primary School, Longstone Avenue, NW10 3UD

Northview Primary School, Northview Crescent, NW10 1RD

Oakington Manor School, Oakington Avenue, Wembley, HA9 6NF

Our Lady of Grace (Infants School), Dollis Hill Lane, NW2 6EU

Our Lady of Grace (Junior School), Dollis Hill Lane, NW2 6HS

Our Lady of Lourdes, Hillside, NW10 8PP

St Joseph’s Junior Mixed and Infants School, Goodson Road, NW10

St Joseph’s R.C. School, Chatsworth Avenue, Wembley, HA9 6BE

St Joseph’s R.C. School, Waverley Avenue, Wembley HA9 6TA

St Mary’s C of E School, Garnet Road, NW10 9JA

St Mary’s R.C. School, Canterbury Road, NW6

St Mary’s R.C. School Annexe, Granville Road, NW6

Stonebridge Junior Mixed and Infants School, Hillside, NW10 8NG

Vernon House School, Lovett Way, NW10 0NQ

Willesden College, Denzil Road, NW10 2XD

Winkworth Hall, Brondesbury Park, NW6 6DT

Wise Project, Woodside Close, Alperton

Social Services

John Christmas Lodge, Dollis Hill Lane, NW2

Douglas Avenue Day Nursery, The Close, Wembley, HA0 4DT

William Dunbar Day Nursery, Albert Road, NW6

Furness Day Nursery, Longstone Avenue, NW10 5YT

3 Garnet Road, NW10

Kensal Rise, Senior Club, Mortimer Road, NW10

Longstone Avenue Day Nursery, Longstone Avenue, NW10 3TY

Melrose Avenue, NW2 4NA

Robson Avenue Day Centre, Robson Avenue, NW10

8 St Gabriels Road, NW2 4RY

Shrewsbury Crescent Day Nursery, Shrewsbury Crescent, NW10 2LH

Stonebridge Community Nursery, Brentfield Road, NW10 8HE

Treetops Nursery, Doyle Gardens, NW10

Wesley Family Centre, Milton Avenue, NW10

Community Services

Chichester Road Toddlers Club, Chichester Road, NW6

Ealing Road Library, Ealing Road, Wembley, HA0 4BR

Grange Museum, Dudden Hill Lane, NW10 1QB

Roundwood Toddlers Club, Longstone Avenue, NW10

Tokyngton Library, Monks Park, Wembley, HA9 6JE

Willesden Green Library Centre, Brondesbury Park, NW10 2SU

Law and Administration

Brent House, High Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 6BZ

9-15 Brondesbury Road, NW6 6BX

249 Willesden Lane, NW2 5JH

Urban Aid

Pakistan Centre, Marley Walk, London, NW2

Youth and Community

Afro/Caribbean Centre, London Road, Wembley

Bridge Youth and Community Centre, Bridge Road, NW10

Bridge Youth and Community Centre Annexe, Bridge Road, NW10

Dennis Jackson Centre, London Road, Wembley

Gladstone Centre, Anson Road, London, NW2

Heather Park Youth and Community Centre, Heather Park Drive, Wembley

Kingfisher Community Centre, Crest Road, London, NW2

Kings Hall Community Centre, 155 Harlesden Road, London, NW10

Roundwood Centre, Fry Road, London, NW10

St Raphael’s Community Centre, Rainborough Close, NW10 0TW

Tiverton Youth and Community Centre, Wrentham Avenue, London, NW10

Tokyngton Youth and Community Centre, St Michael’s Avenue, Wembley

Wembley Youth and Community Centre, London Road, Wembley


Coffers Circle, Chalkhill, Wembley, HA9

Wellsprings Crescent, Chalkhill, Wembley, HA9

Berry Close, Church End, NW10

Bishop Way, Church End, NW10

Bourke Close, Church End, NW10

Denbeigh Close, Church End, NW10

Garnet Road, Church End, NW10

Garrard Walk, Church End, NW10

Guilsborough Close, Church End, NW10

Heron Close, Church End, NW10

Holly Close, Church End, NW10

Lynne Way, Church End, NW10

Marian Way, Church End, NW10

Maundeby Walk, Church End, NW10

Mayo Road, Church End, NW10

Reade Walk, Church End, NW10

Talbot Walk, Church End, NW10

Taylors Lane, Church End, NW10

Wharton Close, Church End, NW10

Yuletide Close, Church End, NW10

Barry Road, Harlesden, NW10

Drayton Road, Harlesden, NW10

Gloucester Close, Harlesden, NW10

Broadfield Close, North Kilburn, NW2

Cavendish Close, North Kilburn, NW6

Clement Close, North Kilburn, NW6

Marley Walk, North Kilburn, NW2

Mascotts Close, North Kilburn, NW2

Midwood Close, North Kilburn, NW2

Newfield Rise, North Kilburn, NW2

Oxleys Road, North Kilburn, NW2

Petrie Close, North Kilburn, NW6

Sancroft Close, North Kilburn, NW2

Watling Gardens, North Kilburn, NW2

Windmill Court, North Kilburn, NW2

Hampton Close, South Kilburn, NW6

Stafford Close, South Kilburn, NW6

Stuart Road, South Kilburn, NW6

Ainsworth Close, North Wembley, NW2

Campion Close, North Wembley, HA3

Crispian Close, North Wembley, NW2

Kings Drive, North Wembley, HA9

Mead Court, North Wembley, NW9

Pipers Green, North Wembley, NW9

Runbury Circle, North Wembley, NW9

Saltcroft Close, North Wembley, HA9

Hargood Close, North Wembley, HA3

Summers Close, North Wembley, HA9

Comber Close, North Wembley, NW2

Loweswater Close, South Wembley, HA9

Aspen Drive, South Wembley, NW2

Church Gardens, South Wembley, HAO

Everard Way, South Wembley, HA9

Eskdale Close, South Wembley, HA9

Gauntlett Court, South Wembley, HAO

Hutchinson Terrace, South Wembley, HA9

Lockier Walk, South Wembley, HA9

Lambert Walk, South Wembley, HA9

Rokesby Place, South Wembley, HAO

Roundtree Road, South Wembley, HAO

Saunderton Road, South Wembley, HAO

Willow Way, South Wembley, HAO

Winthrop Walk, South Wembley, HA9

Bentham Walk, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Besant Way, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Dorman Way, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Hardie Close, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Henderson Close, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Lansbury Close, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Lilburne Walk, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Lovett Way, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Overton Close, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Owen Way, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Pitfield Way, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Rainsborough Close, St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Tillett Close St Raphael’s Estate, NW10

Explanatory Note

(This note is not part of the Order)
Under Part I of the Local Government Act 1988 (competition), work falling within certain defined activities may be carried out by local authorities only if particular conditions are fulfilled.
This Order exempts from the requirements of Part I the maintenance of ground by the London Borough of Brent so long as it is undertaken within their area at the sites specified in Schedule I to this Order before 1st July 1997. This Order also exempts from the requirements of Part I cleaning (other than cleaning of buildings) by the Borough as long as it is undertaken within their area in the streets listed in Schedule II to this Order before 1st April 1997.

1988 c. 9.