Nassau Library Act

Published: 1847-03-25

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Nassau Library Act

[Original Service 2001] STATUTE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS





1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.
3. Name of institution – managers and mode of appointment.
4. Appointment or election of new trustees.
5. Powers of trustees.
6. Librarian to be appointed.
7. Annual report to Minister.


[Original Service 2001] STATUTE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS



An Act for establishing and supporting a public library
in the City of Nassau.

[Commencement 25th March, 1847]

1. This Act may be cited as the Nassau Library Act.
2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“Minister” means the Minister responsible for Edu-

3. The institution known as The Nassau Public

Library and Reading Room shall be managed by seven
trustees to be appointed annually in the month of June in
each and every year, four of whom shall be first nominated
by the Minister, and three afterwards elected by the
subscribers in such manner as the trustees may direct:

Provided that no person shall be qualified to be
appointed to act as a trustee unless he shall be a subscriber
to the institution.

4. In the case of a vacancy occurring among such
trustees between the periods of appointment and election,
by the death, resignation, absence from The Bahamas or
disqualification of a trustee, it shall be lawful for the
Minister, should such vacancy occur among the appointed
trustees, to fill up such vacancy, and if the same should
occur among the elected trustees, for the subscribers to the
said institution to proceed to the election of another trustee
to fill up the vacancy so occurring, and the person so
appointed or elected shall have the same and like powers,
rights and authorities as trustees appointed and elected at
the regular annual periods.

5. The trustees shall have full power and authority
to accept donations, and to purchase out of the funds of the
institution such books, maps, prints, philosophical and
other instruments and apparatus, and such natural
curiosities as they shall deem proper from time to time to

35 of 1847
18 of 1874
G.N. 10/1964
E.L.A.O., 1974
5 of 1998
5 of 1998, s. 40.

Short title.

E.L.A.O., 1974.

Name of institu-
tion – managers
and mode of ap-
18 of 1874, s. 1;
E.L.A.O., 1974.
5 of 1998, s. 40.

Appointment or
election of new
18 of 1874, s. 2.
E.L.A.O., 1974.

Powers of
E.L.A.O., 1974.


STATUTE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS [Original Service 2001]

place therein, and to make and establish suitable rules for
the management, arrangement, preservation, access to and
use of the same; and, if they shall think fit, for the loan of
books, other than books of reference, from the same; and
the said rules or any of them from time to time in their
discretion, to alter, add to or annul, and for any so
annulled, others to substitute, and out of the funds of the
said institution to provide for the lighting and keeping
clean the same:

Provided that all such rules and every subsequent
addition thereto, or alteration, annulment or substitution
thereof shall, before the same shall take effect, be
submitted to and approved by the Minister:

Provided also that the said library shall include a
collection of books suitable for a working man's library,
which shall be made available to the labouring classes of
the community, under the rules aforesaid, by a low scale of
subscriptions adapted to their means.

6. The trustees shall have authority to appoint a
librarian for the said library, and such appointment, when
they shall think fit to revoke, and a new appointment to
make whenever, from death or any other cause, the office
shall become vacant, and to allow the person so appointed,
out of the funds of the institution, reasonable remunera-
tion for his services.

7. The trustees shall cause a report of the state of
the said library, and of the funds thereof, to be submitted
annually to the Minister who shall lay a copy of such
report on the table of each House of Parliament.

Library to in-
clude a collection
of books suitable
to a working
man's library.

Librarian to be
5 of 1998, s. 40.

Annual report to
E.L.A.O., 1974.
5 of 1998, s. 40.