Companies (Registration of Foreign Company Fee) Order

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Published: 1992-11-30

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Companies (Registration of Foreign Company Fee) Order
COMPANIES [CH.308 – 31

[Original Service 2001] STATUTE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS

(3) Nothing contained in this Rule shall apply to or
affect costs which, in the course of legal proceedings by or
against a Company which is being wound up by the Court,
are ordered by the Judge to be paid by the Company or the
Liquidator, or the rights of the person to whom such costs
are payable.

Miscellaneous Matters
99. The Court may, in any case in which it shall see

fit, extend, enlarge, or abridge the time appointed by the
Rules or fixed by any order of the Court for doing any act
or taking any proceedings.

100. (1) No proceedings under the Act or the Rules
shall be invalidated by any formal defect or by any
irregularity, unless the Court before which an objection is
made to the proceedings is of opinion that substantial
injustice has been caused by the defect or irregularity and
that the injustice cannot be remedied by any order of that

(2) No defect or irregularity in the appointment or
election of a Liquidator shall vitiate any act done by him in
good faith.

101. In all proceedings in or before the Court, or any
Judge, Registrar or Officer thereof, or over which the Court
has jurisdiction under the Act and Rules, where no other
provision is made by the Act or Rules, the practice,
procedure and regulations shall, unless the Court other-
wise in any special case directs, be in accordance with the
Rules and practice of the Supreme Court.


(SECTION 182(2))
[Commencement 30th November, 1992]

1. This Order may be cited as the Companies
(Registration of Foreign Company Fee) Order, 1992.

2. The fee payable for registration of a foreign
company under the Companies Act, 1992 shall be $50.00.

Enlargement or
Abridgement of

Formal Defect
not to Invalidate

Application of

S.I. 96/1992


Fee payable for
registration of
foreign company.
Ch. 308.