Onions (Export) Rules

Link to law: http://laws.bahamas.gov.bs/cms/images/LEGISLATION/SUBORDINATE/1942/1942-0129/OnionsExportRules_1.pdf
Published: 1942-05-02

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Onions (Export) Rules

STATUTE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS [Original Service 2001]

17. Whosoever assaults, molests, obstructs, resists,
aids or incites any other person to assault, molest, obstruct
or resist an Inspector or other officer of the Ministry or
any other employed or acting or proceeding to act by
authority of such officer or Inspector in the execution of
any of the powers or duties conferred or imposed upon
him by these Rules shall be guilty of a breach of these

18. Any person who commits a breach of these Rules
for which no other penalty is provided shall be liable upon
summary conviction to a penalty of one hundred dollars.


[Commencement 2nd May, 1942]

1. These Rules may be cited as the Onions (Export)

2. In these Rules, unless the context otherwise
requires —

“Inspector” means a person appointed by the
Minister for the purposes of these Rules;

“Minister” means the Minister charged with the
responsibility of the administration of the Act;

“package” means any container wherein the export of
onions is permitted under rule 4 of these Rules;

“packing house” means the premises specified in a
licence wherein the licensee grades and packs
onions for export.

3. (1) No onions shall be exported unless graded and
packed by a licensee.

(2) Any person who exports or attempts to export,
or packs onions for export contrary to the provisions of this
rule shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on
summary conviction to a fine of two hundred dollars.

Offences against
Inspector, etc.

Breach of Rules.

5 of 1987, s. 2.

G.N. 129/1942
5 of 1987



5 of 1987, s. 2.

Packing of
onions for export
prohibited except
by licensee.


[Original Service 2001] STATUTE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS

4. (1) The Minister may grant at his discretion to
any suitable person, a licence to grade and pack onions for
export, and each licensee shall be allotted a registered

(2) A licensee may not grade or pack onions except
upon the premises specified in the licence.

(3) The Minister may, at his discretion, revoke any

5. Every packing house shall be suitably equipped
in every respect to the satisfaction of the Inspector or an
officer of the Ministry for the grading and packing of
onions. Packing houses must have sufficient floor areas
allocated for storage purposes.

6. No onions shall be packed for export unless fully
matured, properly dried, and in all other respects of good
growth and condition.

7. Every licensee shall be entitled to make a charge
for grading and packing onions and also for packages
supplied to growers. Such charges shall be subject to the
Minister’s approval and shall not without the prior approval
of the Minister be varied. Onions intended for export shall
be conveyed to a packing house in standard field boxes or
containers of similar design approved by the Inspector.

8. (1) The onions in any one package intended for
export shall be uniform in size and grade.

(2) The following grades shall be recognized for
purposes of export:

No. 1 Grade: 2 inches and larger diameter.
No. 2 Grade: 1 to 2 inches diameter.
No. 3 Grade: All onions under 1 inch diameter.

9. (1) All container packages containing onions for
export shall be marked legibly and in plain letters on the
outside with —

(a) the name or identification mark of shipper;
(b) the size of the onions in the package;
(c) the registered number of the licensee; and
(d) a label approved by the Minister indicating that

onions contained in such package are the
produce of the Bahamas and have been packed
and graded under Government supervision.

Licence to grade
and pack onions.

Packing house.


Charges for


Labelling of


STATUTE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS [Original Service 2001]

(2) Packages shall be marked and labelled under the
supervision of an Inspector.

10. Every inspector is hereby authorized —
(a) to enter into licensed packing houses for inspec-

tion purposes at any time;
(b) to inspect all onions coming into any packing

house and to condemn any onions packed or
unpacked which in his opinion are unfit for

(c) to order any faulty package to be repacked and
generally to supervise the grading and packing

(d) to see that all packages intended for export are
properly labelled and to satisfy himself that each
and every package conforms to the required
standard in every respect.

Subsidiary Legislation under the Seal Fisheries (North

Pacific) Act, 1912 (2 & 3 Geo. 5. c. 10) of the United


S.R. & O. 1913 No. 488.1
At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the

11th day of April, 1913

The King’s Most Excellent Majesty
Whereas it is desirable that the provisions of the

sections 3 and 4 of the Seal Fisheries (North Pacific) Act,
1912, should be extended to the Colonies and Protectorates
enumerated in the Schedule to this Order and to Cyprus
and to the dominions of the Sultan of Zanzibar subject to
the modifications and adaptations hereinafter contained:

1 As amended by S.R & O. 1914 No. 774., S.R & O. 1930 No. 1144 and S.I. 1956.

Powers of

2 & 3 Geo. 5, c.