Implementation Regulations Governing the Operation of Customs-Port-Trade (CPT) Single Window

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Article 1

The Regulations herein are prescribed pursuant to paragraph 3, Article 10-1 of the Customs Act.

Article 2

The terms mentioned (referred to) in the Regulations shall be defined as follows:
1. participating agencies (institutions): any government entity that offers services in the CPT Single Window system, which comprises customs clearance procedures, maritime and port, trade licensing, commodity inspection, quarantine or other trade-related matters.
2. participating traders: any entity that does businesses related to the importation or exportation via the CPT Single Window system. The entity may be an individual or an enterprise in the industry of foreign trade, transportation, warehousing, customs brokerage, forwarder, inspection brokerage, container distribution, finance, express, or free port.
3. unfolding: the action of disassembling packet for online distribution and exchange of electronic data via the CPT Single Window system.
4. a clearance certificate: the official certificate that serves the specific purpose in the process of customs clearance, issued by the Certification Authority.

Article 3

The services provided by the CPT Single Window include submission and information retrieval between participating traders and relevant agencies (institutions), collaboration and information exchange between relevant agencies (institutions), cross-border information exchange between countries, and other value-added services.

Article 4

The operation and management of the CPT Single Window, data unfolding, collecting, procssing, and utilizing, as well as other related activities, shall be carried out by the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance.

Article 5

Participating traders, who intend to submit an application or import/export documents in conformity with the respective legislation of customs clearance procedures, maritime and port, trade licensing, commodity inspection, and quarantine, may do so through either the CPT online transmission system or the electronic data transmission system. While the implementation of the CPT Single Window is at a primary stage, traders who favor electronic data transmission shall be connected with the through-Customs value-added network (VAN).
The duration of the above-mentioned stage of the CPT Single Window shall be announced by the Ministry of Finance as well as published in the government gazette.

Article 6

Participating traders, must first register with an official certificate before filing an application for customs clearance, maritime and port, trade licensing, commodity inspection, and quarantine via the CPT Single Window.
The traders, who favor applying for any of the aforementioned matters online, are required to register with either an IC Card issued by the Ministry of the Interior Certificate Authority, or a certificate offered by one of the following authorities: Government Certification Authority (GCA), Ministry of Economic Affairs Certification Authority (MOEACA), and Mixed Organization Certificate Authority (XCA).
In the case where the traders only intend to file for the application of the customs clearance via the electronic data transmission system, they may choose to present only a clearance certificate in registration, in addition to the above-mentioned certificate options.

Article 7

Electronic documents of participating traders, once transmitted successfully to the CPT Single Window system and recorded in the system, shall be deemed as having been made to the respective relevant agencies (institutions).
Likewise, notices of determinations from relevant agencies (institutions) recorded in the system of CPT Single Window shall be presumed to have been received by the concerned participating traders.
In case where the stipulations in the preceding two paragraph items are otherwise prescribed in other laws and regulations, the relevant provisions in other laws and regulations shall apply.

Article 8

Traders, who engage in the service of the CPT Single Window via electronic data transmission, shall follow the standard data exchange format announced by the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance.

Article 9

The service provided by the CPT Single Window shall be available twenty four hours a day all year-round.
In case of a temporary suspension of the service following an initiation of the emergency measure, the operator of the through-Customs value-added network shall comply with the enforcement of such measures.
The method and procedures of the aforementioned back up measure shall be stipulated by the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance.

Article 10

Participating traders, who have submitted electronic documents or are subsequently notified of revision via the CPT Single Window, shall be entitled to request for an official proof of submission, including transmission time and contents of the successful submission, or an electronic copy of the documents transmitted previously.
The above-mentioned requests shall be made within a period of five years following the date on which the transmitted documents or a determination notice is first recorded on the system of CPT Single Window.

Article 11

The Regulations shall take effect from the date of their promulgation.