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Appropriation Act

Published: 2010-06-17

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Appropriation Act 3 of 2010

Government Gazette

Vol. 540 Cape Town 17 June 2010 No. 33314
It is hereby notified that the President has assented to the following Act, which is hereby published for general information:–
No. 3 of 2010: Appropriation Act, 2010.

2 No. 33314
Act No.3 of 2010
(English text signed by the President.) (Assented to 15 June 2010.)
ACT To appropriate money from the National Revenue Fund for the requirements orthe State for the 2010/11 financial year; and to provide for subordinate matters incidental thereto.
WHEREAS section 213(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, provides that money may be withdrawn from the National Revenue Fund only in terms of an appropriation by an Act of Parliament;
AND WHEREAS section 26 of the Public Finance Management Act. 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999). provides that Parliament must appropriate money for each financial year for the requirements of the State.
BE IT TIIEREFORE ENACTED by the Parliament of the Republic of South follows:- Definitions
1. In this Act, unless the context indicates otherwise, any meaning ascribed to a word or expression in section 1 of the Public Finance Management Act must hear the meaning 5 so ascribed, and-
"conditional grant.." means conditional allocations to provinces, local govern- ment or municipalities from the national government's share of revenue raised nationally, which are provided for and whose purpose is specified in the annual Division of Revenue Act referred to in section 214( I)(c) of the Constitution of the 10 Republic of South Africa, 1996; "current payment.." means any payment made by a department classified as or deemed to be a current payment in terms of the Guidelines for Implementing the Economic Reporting Fonnat (September 2009), issued by the National Treasury under section 76 of the Public Finance Management Act; 15 "payments for capital assets" means any payment made by a department classified as or deemed to be a payment for capital assets in terms of the Guidelines for Implementing the Economic Reporting Format (September 2009) and the Asset Management Framework (April 2004, Version 3.3). issued by the National Treasury under section 76 of the Public Finance Management Act; 20 "payments for financial assets" means any payment made by a department classified as or deemed to be a payment for financial assets in terms of the Guidelines for Implementing the Economic Reporting Fonnat (September 2(09), issued by the National Treasury under section 76 of the Public Finance Management Act; 25 "Public Finance Management Act" means the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. I of 1999); "transfers and subsidies" means any payment made by a department classified as or deemed to be a transfer or subsidy payment in terms of the Guidelines for Implementing the Economic Reporting Format (September 20(9), issued by the 30 National Treasury under section 76 of the Public Finance Management Act.
------;;; ~
4 No. 33314
Act No.3 of 2010
Appropriation of money for requirement.. of State
2. (l) Appropriations by Parliament of money from the National Revenue Fund for the requirements of the State in the 2010/11 financial year to votes and main divisions within a vote and for the specific listed purposes, are set out in Schedule 2.
(2) The spending of appropriations contemplated in subsection (l) is subject to the 5 provisions of this Act and the Public Finance Management Act.
(3) The spending of funds withdrawn from the National Revenue Fund before this Act has been passed by Parliament, as is contemplated in section 29 of the Public Finance Management Act, must be recorded and accounted for in accordance with the votes and main divisions within a vote, and for the specific listed purposes set out in Schedule 2, 10 and is subject to conditions imposed by the National Treasury in terms of the Public Finance Management Act.
Appropriation listed as specifically and exclusively
3. An appropriation to a vote or main division within a vote that is listed as specifically and exclusively appropriated in Schedule 2 may only be utilised for the 15 purpose indicated, unless an Act of Parliament amends or changes the purpose for which it was allocated.
Conditional expenditure
4. (I) The Minister may- (a) impose conditions in respect of an appropriation listed as specifically and 20
exclusively appropriated in Schedule 2 or in respect of transfers and subsidies, in order to promote and enforce transparency and effective management in respect of revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities of departments, public entities and constitutional institutions in terms of section 6( I )(g) of the Public Finance Management Act; and 25
(b) stop any allocation in terms of such appropriation until any condition imposed by the Minister is met.
(2) An amount stopped in terms of subsection (I )(b) must be included in the next report of the National Treasury published in terms of section 32( I) of the Public Finance Management Act. 30
Utilisation of saving
5. Notwithstanding section 43(4)(b) and (c) of the Public Finance Management Act, the National Treasury may approve the utilisation of a saving in-
(a) an amount appropriated for transfer to another organ of state or to an organisation or body outside of government; or 35
(b) an amount appropriated for payments for capital assets, if the saving is to be utilised for other categories of expenditure.
Authorisation of expenditure
6. (I) In addition to the authorisation to use funds from the National Revenue Fund to defray expenditure of an exceptional nature contemplated in section 16 of the Public 40 Finance Management Act, and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any other law, the Minister may approve expenditure qualifying for inclusion in an adjustments budget in terms of section 30(2) of the Public Finance Management Act before such an adjustments budget is passed.
(2) Expenditure approved in terms of subsection (l )- 45 (a) may not exceed the total amount set aside as a contingency reserve for the
financial year in the national annual budget; (b) is a direct charge against the National Revenue Fund; and (e) must be included either in the next national adjustments budget or in other
appropriation legislation tabled in the National Assembly for the financial 50 year in which the expenditure is authorised.
(3) An approval granted by the Minister in respect of money to be appropriated for expenditure already announced by the Minister during the tabling of the annual budget-
6 No. 33314
Act No.3 of 2010
(a) is subject to the requirements of subsection (2); and (b) may be made subject to condilions.
Allocations for and expenditure by department.. whose allocations are included in same budget vote
7. (l) The votes listed in column 1 of Schedule 1 contain the allocations for the 5 departments listed in column 2.
(2) The accounting officers of the departments listed in column 2 of Schedule 1 whose allocations are included within the same budget vote listed in column I, must enter into an agreement that is satisfactory to the National Treasury regarding the accountability for expenditure, approval of expenditure and the allocation of responsibilities in terms of 10 the Public Finance Management Act.
(3) Should an agreement referred to in subsection (2) not be entered into by 31 July 2010, the accounting officer of the department listed first in column 2 of Schedule 1 in relation to that particular budget vote must be the accounting ofticer in respect of all expenditure in relation to that budget vote. 15
8. The Minister may, by notice in the Gazette, make regulations regarding- (a) anything which may be prescribed in terms of this Act; and (b) any ancillary or incidental administrative or procedural matter that it is
necessary to prescribe for the proper implementation or adminisu'ation of this 20 Act.
Short title
9. This Act is called the Appropriation Act, 2010.
8 No. 33314
Act No.3 of 21110
Schedule 1
(Secfion 7)
Column 1: Budl{et Vote Column 2: Department Vote 3: Cooperative Governance Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Atlairs
Department of Traditional Affairs
Vote 11: Public Service and Department of Public Service and Administra- Administration tion
Office of the Public Service Commission
Public Administration Leadership and Manage- ment Academy
Vote 21: Defence and Military Department of Defence Veterans
Department of Military Veterans
10 No. 33314 GOVERNMENT GAZETIE. 17 JUNE :'010
Act No.3 of 2010 APPROPRIATION ACT. :'010
SCHEDULE 2 Transfers Payments Payments
Vote Current Payments and for for Total Compensation Goods and Subsidies Capital Financial
or Employees services Other Assets Assets R'OOO R'OOO R'DOO R'ODO R'OOO R'OOO R'OOO
1 The Presideney 722613 213585 124870 371 943 12215 Aim Lead. manage and develop the strategic agenda of government and oversee
and ensure its ffiaf;salion by government as 8 whole.
1 Administration 227506 136037 77 612 1970 11887
ERective feadership, managemenland administrative support services to the principals and branches of the Presidency.
2 Comml..lrications 30036 21527 8449 60 Comprehensive communications. res98rch. knowf9dge and information managem&nf service to enable the Presidency to oommunicale eRectively with an;ls stakeholders. including the pubfic and govemment.
3 Exewtive Coordination 465071 56021 38809 369973 268 Strengthen the strategic management and lesdership capability ofgovernment
by afigning the strategies of all spheres of government and stale owned enlerprises.
Of which
Deparlmental agencies and accounts - National Youth Development Agency: Programmes
promoting youth development 369973
2 Parliament 1179221 ~3455 419259 284 822 11685 Aim: Provrde the supporl services required by Parliament to fulfil its constitutional
funcJ.ions. to assist political parlies represented in Parliament to secum
administrative support and service constituents. and to provide members of Parliament with the necessary facilities.
1 Administration 317153 222628 88039 6486 Strategic leadership, institutional po/icy. overall management. administralion and corporate services 10 Parliament's executive, managemant and staff.
2 Legislation and Oversight 282304 185287 95022 1995
ProcedUfaf and admnislrative services for Parliament to cerry out its com functions. Pass legislation and oversee executive action.
3 Public and Intemational Participation 86419 30212 52328 2908 971 Carry out Parliament's role in public and intemational participation and supporl
for these aclivities. 01 which Foreign govemments and int&mational organisations
- Intemational Associations: Memb8t"Ship fees for
association with inter parliamentary bodies 2 908
4 Members' Fatilrties 211431 25328 18387D 2233 Telephone. travel and other facilities for members of Parliament in the National
Assembly and National Council of Provinces.
5 Associated Services 281914 281914
Financial support to poIitk;a1 parlies repmsented in Parliament. and to its leaders and consliluency offices.
01 which Non-profit institutions - Constituency Anowance: Conlribution to operations 209325 - Political Party Support: Contribution 10 operations 66 589 - Party leadership Support Conbibution to political
parties for party leader's remuneration 6000
3 Cooperative Governance and Traditional Aflai". 43 921470 241929 377 776 43288456 13309 Aim' Improve CDOPeratNe govemance across the three sphems of govemment. in
parlnership with institutions oflraditionalleadership. fhemby ensuring that provinCfls and municipalities cany out their service delivery and development functions effectively.
1 Administration Management, leadership and administration of the deparlment. 188131 104 638 80208 220 3065
2 Policy, Research and Know1edge Management Support 50076 18466 28910 2700
Speciah'sed supporl services 10 the deparlmenl in the amas of research and knowledge management. po/icy formulation. monilOljng and evalualion. and information and business technologies.
~---- --
12 No, 33314 GOVER~MENT GAZETTE. 17 H'NE 2010
Act No.3 of 2010 APPROPRIATIO;-.l ACT, 2010
Transfers Payments Payments Vote ClXfent Pavments and for for
Total ConlpBnsabon Goods and Subsidies Capital Financial of Emolo.ees Services Other Assets Assets
3 Governance and Inlergoverrwnenlal Relations 43570837 69518 230203 43266835 4281 ImproV6 verlical and horizon'al coordination and alignment between the three spheres of government. Proroote public parlicipalion in governance through f&gulalory m&ehanisms as well as oversight. intervention and support programmes to provinces, mUtlicipa/ities and assocl8ted institutions.
Of which
Conditional grants to local government - Mooopalinfrastructure Grant 125288114 - M\ricipal Systems Improvement Grant 212000 Depsrlmenlaf agencies and accounts - South African Local Govemment Association: Contribution
to operations 24625 - Municipal Demarcation Board: Contribution to operations 37187 Foteign governments and international organisations - Commonwealth Local Govemment Forum: International
membersh;p ree 489 Households - Community Work Programme: Work opportunities for
historically marginalised communities 286840 Municipal bank accounts - Local Government Equitable Share 30167706 Non-profit institutions - South Arrican Cities Network: Contribution 10 operations 5104 - United Cities and Local Govemmenl of Africa: Contribution
to operations 4000
4 National Disaster Management Cenlr8 41563 18074 20616 2873 Promote an intsgrated and coordinated system of disaslsr managemenf wlh special emphasis on prevention. mitigation and P'6fJ8redness by nal;ona/. provincialand municipal organs ofstale, slatutory functionaries, and other role players involved In disasls,. management.
5 Traditional Affairs 70863 31233 17839 21401 390 Improve Ihs developmental cap.acity and cspability of the institution of Traditional Affairs.
Of which Deparlmental agencies and accounts - Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of
Cultural. Religious and Linguistic Communities. Contribubon 10 operations 21401
4 Home Allan 5719584 1 896 203 2096225 1 587837 139319 Aim· Efficiently detsnnine and safeguard idenfity and status. and regulate migration
to ensure sscurity. promots deVelopment and fulfil its international obligations.
1 Adm;nislration 1 470926 289966 1081801 1338 97821 Overall management of the deparlmant and csntralisad supporl services.
2 SMVices to Citizens 1446011 1145431 555816 3266 41498 Secure. efficient and accessible services and documents for cAizens and lawful residents.
3 Immigration Services 1219694 760806 458608 280 Facilitate and regUlate the secure movement ofpsop/e into and out of the Republic of South Africa through poris ofentry. determine ths status of asylum seekers. and regulate refugee affairs.
4 Transfers to Agencies 1 582953 1 582953 Financial support 1o the Film and Publication Board. the Government Printing Works and the EI6Ctora' Commission.
Of which Deparlmenfalagenci6s and accounts - Film and Publication Board: Contribution to operations 55217 - Govemment Printing Works: Conbibution to operations 97228 - Electoral Commission: Conbibution to operations 1430608
* Spedlleally.,d £xcfuelYely Appropriated
····· 0; 0;·
Transfers Payments Payments Vote Current Payments and for for
To,," Compensation Goods and Subsidles Capilal Financial of Emplovees Services Other Assets Assets
5 International Relations and Cooperation 4824426 2017 148 1671446 820156 315676 Afm' Formulate. coordinate. implement and manage South Africs's foreign policy
and international relations programmes.
1 Admiristration 1020011 298004 479237 242770 Devefop overall policy and manage the deparlment.
2 Intemational Relations and Cooperation 2786823 1585181 1129091 13115 59436 Promote relations w#.h foreign countries. Parlicipate in international
orgamsaUons and institutions in line with South AMcs's nalional values and foreign policy objectives.
3 Public Diplomacy and Protocol Services 232867 133963 63118 22316 1347D Communicste South Africa's role and position in intemalional relations in Ihe domestic and inlemafionalarenas. Provide protocol services
Of Which
Municipal bank accounts - Diplomatic Misstons: Municipal rates and taxes 22316
4 Intemational Transfers 784725 784 725 Fund membership fees and transfers 10 international organisations.
Of which
Deparlmenfa/agef7Ci6s and accounts ~ African Renaissance and International Cooperation Fund:
Contribution to operations 401 072 Foreign govemments and intematiOflal organisations - International Organisations: Membership fees
- African Urion 159041 - India Brazil SOu1h Africa Trust Fund 8 D65 - New Partnership for Africa's Development 34 563 - Commonwealth 9399 - United Nations 91894
- South9l'n African Development Community: Contribution to operations 33302 - Humanilarian Aid: Contribution to humanitarian projects 25660
6 Public Work. 6446325 1 121432 921341 3029610 1 373942 Aim: Provide and manage the accommodation. housing. land and infrastructure
needs of natioMI deparlments: 'ead and direct the implementafion of the national expanded public worl Capital Financial of Emplovees Services Other Assets Assets
6 International Marketing and Media De'lelopment 187378 187 378 MarKet South Africa internaliOtfal1y. Pmmote local media development and diversity.
Of which Deparlmertlalsg&ncies and 8CCDlmis - International Marketing Council: Contribution
10 operations 170113 - Media Development and Diversity Agency: Contribution
10 operations 17 265
7 Government Publication 34334 4063 30251 20 Produce 8 magazine that provides cAizens with informaliorl on economic and otheropporlunilies created by go..-ernmenl and how these can be accessed
8 Communication Resource Centre 6116 3855 1891 370 Monffor and analyse international media coverage on Ihe country as part of the Government Commumcation and Information System's leadership in the strategic communication ofgovernment.
9 National Tre88ury 30 219916 538467 910850 28006063 14536 750 000 Aim: Promote ecorKJmic de..-e'opment, good govemanC4t. socia' progress and rising
living standatds through the accountable. economical, equitable and sustainable management ofpublic finanC6s.
1 Administration
Slrstegic man8gement and adminislrative supporllo National Treasury, 243734 120 086 114 442 1880 7326 providing mal1agerial leadership to the woffl of the deparlment.
Of..,,;ch Deparlmerrtal agencies and accounts - Finance. Accounting. Management. Consulting
and other Financial Services Sector Education and Training
Authority Contribution to operations 280
2 Public Finance and Budget Managemenl 341 765 155 987 164651 19863 1264 Artalysis and advice on fiscal policy and public finances. irrlergo'o'emmAntal financial relations and expenditure planning and priorities. Manage the annual budget process and provide public finance managemenf supporl
Of which Deparlmenlal agencies and accounts
- Technicat Assistance Unit Trading F.ntity: Contribution to operations 19363
3 Assef and Liability Management 67106 48587 17 730 789 Manage govemment's annual funding programme in a manner that ertsures prudent cash management and an optimal portfolio ofdebt and other fiscal obligations. Promote and enforce prudent financial management ofstale owned entities through financial analysis and oversight.
4 Financial Management and Systems 498707 40801 454 064 842 Manage and regulate government's supply cl/ain processes and impfament and maintain standardised financial systems
5 Finanoal Aceounbng and Reporting 228381 81211 91056 52589 3525 Promote and enforce transparency and effective management in respect of
f9venue, expenditure, and assets and liabilities of deperlments. public entities, constitutional mstifutions and focal govemment t!Jus facilitating accountability artd govemarte8.
Of which Deparlmental agencies and eccoonts
- Accounting Standards Board: Contribution to operations 7538 - Auditor-General: Compensation for certain shortfalls on audit
costs of statutory bodies and municipalities 21353 -lndApendent Regulatory Board tor Auditors: Contribution to
operations 23296
6 Economic POlicy and International Financial Relations 124721 88795 30136 5000 790 Provide spec;afisl policy analysis and adviSOly serviC6s in the af9as of macroeconomics, mi~omjcs, Ihe financial seelor, 'axsfi~l, tegulslory f9fcxm, region81 integration and intemational financial relations.
Of which Universities and techrtikons
- University or Cape Town: Economic research 5000
20 No. 33314 GOVERNMENT GAZEITE. 17 W;\,E ~OIO
Act No.3 of 2010 APPROPRIATION ACT. ~Ol()
Transfers Payments Payments Vote Current Payments and for for
Total Comp&nsation Goods and Subsidies Capital Financial of Emplovees ServIceS Other Assets Assels
7 Pmvincial and Local Govemment Transfers 12834 500 12834500 Manage conditionsl grants to the provincial and local spheres ofgovsmmenl
Conditionsl gllif1ls to local governmel1t - Financial Management Grant 364 589 - Neighbouffiood Development Par1nen;tojp Grant 1030 000 ConcUionaJ grants to provinces - Infrastructure Grant 10 Provinces 11314911 Deparlmental agencies and 8CGounls - Neighbourhood Developmenl Pannership Grant Project development 125 000
6 CiVil and Military Pensions. Contribldions to Funds and Other Benefils 2590 949 38 771 2552 178 Provide {or pension and post-mtirement medical benefit obligations to former employees 01 stale deparlmenls arn:i bodies. and for smilar benefits to retired members of the military.
orwhich FOn:lign QIOV9mments and intemstion81org8nisstiOils - United Kingdom Tax: Tax on pension or UK staff 3873 Households - Civil Pensions: Civil pensions and benefits
- Post-Retirement Medical Scheme Contributions 1501418 - Politicaf Office Bea-en> Pension Fund 29987 - Special Pensions 387722 -Oth..- 450 425
- Military Pensions: Mlilary pension benefits and medical daims 178678 Non-profft insMutions - Soulh African LegiOn of Military Veterans: Payments to war veterans 75
9 Fiscal Transfers 13290 053 12540 053 750 000 Transfer funds to other countries and muffilateral and domestic inst;tutions Bnd public entities. incJuding internBtional development inst;futions of which Sooth Africa is a member.
orwhich Daparlmenfalagencies and accounts - Domestic Budgetafy Transfers: Contribution to operations
- South African Revenue Service 8066810 - Financial and Fiscal Commission 31391 - Secrel Services Account 3306 752 - Financial Intelligence Centre 281414 - Cooperative Banking Development Agency 8200
Foreign gClvemm9irls and intemational org;\1Ei\T GAZETfE. 17 .Jl!NE ~OIO
Act No.3 of 2010 APPROPRIATION ACT. ~()10
Transfers Payments Payments
Vote Current Payments and for for Total Compensatlon Goods and Subsidies Capital Financial
or Enmlo'lOBS Services Other Assets Assels R'OnO R'OOO R'OOO R'OOO R'OOO R'OOO R'OOO
PubliC corporations - Coega Developmenl Corporation. Bulk infrastructure development 475 000
7 Trade and In"'9slmenl South Africa 291 447 87190 67685 136572 Increase expot1 capacity and supporl direct investment flows through stralegies for targeted markets and an effeclivefy managed network of foreign trade
offices Of which Non-profit institutions _. Proudly Saulh African Campaign. Conlribution to operations 5 000 Public corporations
- Export Credit Insurance Corporation: Interesl Make-up Scheme 120 488
8 Communication and Marketing 82234 23630 58 084 520 Facilitate grealer awareness of the department's role and increase the uptake of its products and se/vices
36 Transport 25086262 259365 484058 24301 275 41564 Alln Lead the proviSion of an integrated. sustainable. reliable and safe transport
system. through planning. development. coordination. promotion and tIle implementation of {rar/spod policies. regulations and strategies.
1 Administration 213 BB9 102368 100 816 8984 1721 Coordmate an effectIve and efficient stfiitegic support and administrative
servIce to the mm/stry. dlrector-{J6lJeral and department. Of which
Umversities and techmkons - Universities of Pretoria. Kwalutu-Nalal and Stellenbosct1: Support
to students and critical transport programmes 8669
2 Transport Polley and Economic Regulation 49 031 29890 18621 520 Effectively manage a national illnovatlve research and development programme. Develop and analyse strategic policies. Develop applopriate leg/3IaII0l1. Economic advice and analysis for alt modes of transport.
3 Transport Regulation and Accident and Incident Investigation 196166 44 055 139267 12181 663 Create an enabling regulatory environment in the areas of safely. securily and envilOnmenlal compfrance. Manage accident and incident investigations for all modes of tlanspod.
Of which Depanmentaf agencies and accounts - South Arrican Maritime Safety Authority· Mantime Rescue
Coordination Cenlre 5533 Foreign govemments and mternational organisations
- International Civil Aviation Organisation: Membership fee 2990 - InternatIonal Maritime Organisation. Membership fee 1064 Non-profitlflstifutlons
- National Sea Rescue Institute: Search and rescue services 1042
4 Integraled Planning and Intersphere Coordination 7 018185 32553 81398 6865939 38295 Manage and facilitate mtegrated planmng and inlersphere coordmafion for
mfrastructure and operations. OfwfJich Conditional giants to local government - Rural Transport Grant 10 400 Condit,onal grants to provinces - Overload Conlrol Granl 11038 Departmentaf agencies and accounts - South African National Roads Agency ltd: Contribution to operations 2779324
Soulh African National Roads Agency ltd. Contribution 10 capital operations 4 065 177
5 Transport logistics and Conidor Development 30 103 15547 14499 57 Manage the implementation of tile transporllogistics strategy and the development of freight movement corridors.
6-t No..~~~l-t GOVERNMENT GAZETIE 17 JUNE 2010
Act No. ] of 2010 APPROPRIATION ACT. 2010
SpeCIfically and ElIclUAI'o'llly Approj:lrIatlld
Transfers Payments Payments Vole Current Payments and for for
Tolal CompensalJon Goods and Subsidies Capital Financial of Employees Services Other Assets Assets
6 Public Transport 17 429 578 26341 124635 17278461 141 Develop practIces and nonns that will increase access to appropriate and quality pubfic transporl to meet the socioeconomfc needs of both IVlHI and
urban passengers. Ofwh;ch Conditional grants to focal governmenl
• - Public Transport lnfrastruclure and Syslems Granl 3699462 Condllional grants to provinces
• - Gawain Rapid Rail link Grant 438360 • - Public Transport OperalJOns Grant 3863033
Households - Taxi Recapitalisalion 497611 Non-profit Institutions - South Afncan Nalional Taxj Council: Contribution to operations 14789 Public corporations
- Passenger Rail Agency or Soulh Afnca Conlribulion 10 capital operations 4813273
- Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa' Contribution 10 operations 2754 933 - Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa: Autopax: Inlercily busses 797000 - Passenger Rail Agency of Soulh Africa' Shosholoza Meyl 400000
7 Pubhc Entity Oversight and Border Operations and Control 149310 8611 4822 135710 167 Devefop approplia/e mandates and monitoring mechanisms to oversee public entities and border operations and control.
Of which
Deparlmental agencies and accounts - Railway Safety Regulator: Contribution 10 operations 35634 - Road Traffic Management Corporation: Contribution 10 operations 73619 - South African Maritime Safety Authority: Contnbuhon 10 operations 9402 - South Arrican Civil Aviation Authority: AccidenlS and investigalJons 8223 - Ports Regulator· Contribution to operations 8832
37 Water Affairs 7996592 1 166543 2466220 3238487 1 125342 Alln Ensore the availability and supply of waler al na/ionallevel. facilitate equitable
and sustainable sOCIal and economic development. and ensure the universal and effiCient supply of water se/vlces al/ocalleve/.
1 Administration 884 205 316968 516596 11702 38939 Policy leadership. advice and core supporl services. including finance. IJUman
reSources. fega/. informallon and management. commun;catlOn and co/polale planning.
Deparlmental agencies and accounts - Energy Sector Education and Training Authority: Contribution to
operations 1 096 Foreign governments and international organisations - Orange-Senqu River Basin Commission: Contribution
to operations 106 Households
Poverty Campaign: Road shows 1000 - Youth Programmes. Campaigns 10 creale jobs 500 - Bursaries Non-employees: Waler learning Academy 2000
2 Water Management 364749 133075 222702 750 8222 Ensure that the counlf)"S water resources are used. devefoped. conselved and managed III a sus/amabfe and eqUitable manner for the benefit of af( people.
3 National Water Resources Infrastructure Programme 2241418 2241 418 Ensure a feliabfe supply of water. wilh acceptable riSH.. from bulk. raw water reSOurces infrastructure to meet sustainable demand for South AMea. Solicit and source funding to construcl, operate and maintain bulk. raw waler resources infrastructure in an efficient and effective manner by strategically managmg risk.~ and assets.
Of which Depaltmental agencies and accounts - Water Trading Enlily' Operahon and water resource Infrastruclure 140021 - Water Trading EnlJty: Inrraslructure development and
rehabilitation 1 921 397 Foreign govemments and international organisations
- Komati River Basin Water Authority: Loan payment to the
Developmenl Bank of Southam Arnca 180000
66 No. 333!-t (iOVERNMEI\lT Gi\ZETfE. 17 JUNE 2010
Act No.3 or 2010 APPROPRIATION ACT. 20!0
SpeeJflcally and Exclusively Approprla1ed
Transfers Payments Payments Vole Current Payments and for for
Tola! Compensation Goods and Subsidies Capital Financial of Emplovees Services Other Assets Assets
4 Regional Management 4329013 664 511 1 639435 948502 1 076565 Coordinate the effective implementation of the deparlmenf's strategic goals and objectives at the regIonal level. includir?g the establtshment of wafer resource
management instItutions, Facilitate water cons8IVation and demand management. Acee/elale communities' access to water illflastruclure
Of which
- Water Services Operating Subsidy Grant 106558 39420 - Regional Bulk Infrastructure: Indirect Grant 17500 41 850 833650 - Expanded Public Works Programme Incenlive: Working on Fire
Programme 23487 - Expanded Public Works Programme Incentive. Working for Waler
Programme 79086 - Regional Management. Planning and implementation of water
services projects 191942 Conditional granls 10 toea' government - Water Services Operating Subsidy Grant 661 704 - Municipal Drought Rehef Grant 228357 Deparlmental agencies and accounts - Catchment Management Agencies: seed Funding 40229 Households
- Resource for poor farmers: Operating subsidy for emerging farmers from previously disadvantaged groups 3450
-- Waler Services Operating Subsidy Grant 12077
5 Water Seclor Regulation 177 207 51989 87487 36115 1616 Ensure lhallhe country's drinking water is safe, accessIble al1d af(oldable and that the water resources ate protected and aHocated in a sustainable and
equitable manner for the benefit of all people and future generallons. Qfwhich Households
- Financial assistance to small scale farmers: Subsidies for water security 34 036
- Financial assistance for dam safely: Resource poor farmers 613 Non~profit mstrlulions - Swimming South Africa: Sustainable management and safe use of
water resources for recreational purposes 466
TOTAL 441517932 81848304 46 843 313 1994 302645250 9290470 888601.