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Civil Defence Force Fund Regulations

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Civil Defence Act
Civil Defence Force Fund Regulations
Rg 5
(25th March 1992)
[8th August 1988]
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires — [Deleted by S 472/2013 wef 01/08/2013]
“Civil Defence Financial Officer” means the Head of the Finance Branch of the Force;
“civil defence volunteer” means any person who has agreed to take part in civil defence measures or receives instruction in civil defence organised under the authority of the Commissioner.
Purposes of Fund
3.  Without prejudice to the generality of section 101(3) of the Act, the Fund may be applied for the purposes of —
procuring for members, civil defence volunteers and their families, comforts, conveniences or other advantages not chargeable to the public revenue; and
granting loans to members.
—(1)  The Fund shall be administered by the Civil Defence Financial Officer subject to the direction of the Commissioner.
(2)  All moneys received for the Fund shall be paid to the Accountant-General who shall —
deposit the moneys into a bank account to be known as the Civil Defence Force Fund Account; and
manage the Account in accordance with the directions of the Commissioner.
[Subst. by S 348/95 wef 11/08/1995]
(3)  Notwithstanding paragraph (2), the Commissioner may from time to time direct that any moneys of the Fund not immediately required for current purposes be placed in a deposit account or invested in any investment authorised by any written law for the investment of trust funds, and may direct the transfer or realisation of any such deposit or investment.
5.  All payments out of the Fund shall be made on the certificate of the Commissioner.
—(1)  The granting of loans shall be in the discretion of the Commissioner who shall have regard to the member’s conduct and financial stability.
(2)  Loans to members may bear interest at such rate as the Commissioner may from time to time direct and shall be repayable by monthly instalments within such period as the Commissioner may in each particular case determine.
(3)  Loans shall ordinarily be repayable, with any interest, within two years and be so limited in amount that no monthly instalment shall ordinarily exceed 25% of the member’s monthly emoluments.
—(1)  The Civil Defence Financial Officer shall maintain a Civil Defence Force Fund cash book showing all amounts received, the sources and dates on which such amounts were received and details of all payments with the dates of and authority for such payments, and appropriate ledger accounts.
(2)  There shall be kept in addition a loans ledger in which shall be recorded the amount of loans granted, amounts outstanding together with particulars of individual loans, interest thereon and repayments.
(3)  A statement of accounts shall be submitted annually to the Commissioner.
(4)  All Fund accounts shall be balanced on a monthly basis.


Civil Defence Force Fund Regulations
(CHAPTER 42, Rg 5)
This Legislative History is provided for the convenience of users of the Civil Defence Force Fund Regulations. It is not part of these Regulations.
G. N. No. S 202/1988—Civil Defence Force Fund Regulations 1988
Date of commencement
Date not available
G.N. No. S 472/2013—Civil Defence Force Fund (Amendment) Regulations 2013
Date of commencement
1 August 2013