Medical Practitioners Amendment Act 2014

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rangement of Provisions

1. Short title and commencement
2. Section 2 amended
3. Section 11 amended
4. Section 13 amended
5. Section 16 amended
6. Section 19 amended


2014, No. 25

AN ACT to amend the Medical Practitioners Act 2007
(“principal Act”). [28th
October 2014]

BE IT ENACTED by the Legislative Assembly of Samoa in
Parliament assembled as follows:

1. Short title and commencement-(1) This Act may be cited
as the Medical Practitioners Amendment Act 2014.
(2) This Act commences on the date of assent by the Head of

2. Section 2 amended - For section 2 of the principal Act, add
the following new definition in its correct alphabetical position:

““registration” includes temporary registration;”.

2 Medical Practitioners Amendment 2014, No. 25

3. Section 11 amended - For section 11 of the principal Act:
(a) renumber the current provision as subsection (1);
(b) after the current provision, insert:

“(2) A person qualified under section 10 may apply under
subsection (1) for temporary registration.”.

4. Section 13 amended - For section 13(1) of the principal
(a) delete “or” at the end of paragraph (c); and
(b) after paragraph (c), add the following new paragraph:

“(ca) permit with or without conditions the applicant to
be temporarily registered for a period of up to
12 months if the Council is satisfied that the
applicant is required to undertake short-term
medical service in Samoa approved by the
Council; or”.

5. Section 16 amended - In section 16 of the principal Act,
for subsection (2) substitute:

“(2) A temporary practising certificate may be issued
under this section:
(a) to an applicant permitted under section 13(1)(ca);
(b) to an applicant who is undertaking a course of
relevant study and who -
(i) submits an application to do
practical training in a hospital or other
healthcare service in Samoa; and
(ii) is accepted to do the practical
training by the National Health Service;
(iii) undertakes to work in accordance
with any direction given by the Council or
the Ministry of Health.”.

2014, No. 25 Medical Practitioners Amendment 3

6. Section 19 amended - For section 19 of the principal Act,
delete “section 16” and substitute “section 16(2)(b)”.

The Medical Practitioners Amendment Act 2014
is administered by the Ministry of Health.