Administrative Order No. 271, s. 2009

Published: 2009-11-09

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WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 838 dated October 22, 2009 created the Special National Public Reconstruction Commission (“Public Commission”) to undertake a study of the causes, costs and actions to be taken in the wake of typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng and Frank, and to seek fresh aid to fund reconstruction;

WHEREAS, Section 2 of EO No. 838 provides for the creation of the Secretariat to be composed of the National Economic and Development Authority and the Office of Civil Defense to provide technical and administrative support to the Public Commission;

WHEREAS, in pursuit of the mandate of the Public Commission, there is a need to define the composition of the Commission and the functions of the Secretariat, and make provisions for the Secretariat’s staff, budget and organization;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

SECTION 1. Composition of the Special National Public Reconstruction Commission. The Commission shall include the following members:

The Secretary of Finance, as chairperson

The Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council

The Secretary of Social Welfare and Development

The Chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council

The head of the Private Sector Reconstruction Commission, referred to in Section 4 of EO 838, shall be invited to attend the meetings of the Public Commission.

SECTION 2. Additional Functions of the Commission. The Commission shall recommend to the President the reconstruction and other related projects to be funded by government and government-administered financial resources under the Commission’s oversight based on studies of the causes of calamities, damage and needs assessments, and the disaster reconstruction and recovery master plan drafted jointly with the private sector reconstruction body.

The Commission shall formulate and promulgate its internal procedures and operational activities.

A majority of all the members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum. Matters for decision shall be approved by a majority vote of all members present.

SECTION 3. Secretariat of the Special National Public Reconstruction Commission. The Secretariat of the Special National Public Reconstruction Commission shall be provided by the National Economic Development Authority and the Office of the Civil Defense to perform administrative, technical and external relations functions for the aforementioned Commission. The primary functions of the Secretariat are as follows:

a. Act as the technical and administrative arm of the Public Commission, maintaining records of Commission deliberations, decisions, and activities; coordinating meetings, events and other activities of the Commission; and gathering, commissioning and/or providing information, data, expert studies, recommendations and other technical support for the Commission’s work;

b. Compile and maintain a database of reports on the sourcing and disbursement of funds, and the implementation of reconstruction projects and other disaster recovery undertakings under the Commission’s oversight; and provide timely reports, alerts and advisories to expedite and enhance these funding and project activities, and to update on the same the President, the Commission, and other key officials and entities as instructed by the President or the Commission;

c. Liaise and/or coordinate with public officials and entities, local government units and leaders, sectoral/private sector groups and key figures, foreign entities and international organizations, and other parties whose support, input and/or participation is needed in Commission activities and undertakings;

d. Implement information and advocacy programs for Commission stakeholders, the media and the public to publicize the Commission’s accomplishments, projects, activities, beneficiaries, and other matters of interest, to build/maintain support for the Commission’s mandate and undertakings, and to maintain high standards of transparency in the Commission’s affairs and disaster recovery projects;

e. Assist the private sector reconstruction body and the projects under its supervision and/or funding to obtain from government entities the permits, incentives, support activities/facilities, and other needed state assistance for the successful and effective implementation of the private sector projects; and

f. Undertake any other activities/functions that the President or the Commission shall assign for the fulfillment of the Commission’s mandate and/or projects.

SECTION 4. Head of the Secretariat. The Secretariat shall be headed by the Commission Secretary, who shall be of Cabinet rank.

SECTION 5. Duties and Responsibilities of the Commission Secretary. The Commission Secretary shall be appointed by the President of the Philippines, with the rank, salary, benefits and emoluments of a Cabinet member. He/she shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a. Determine internal procedures, staffing and activities of the Reconstruction Commission secretariat, and direct the its operations;

b. Preside over meetings convened by the Secretariat in support of campaigns, projects and other activities undertaken or overseen by the Commission;

c. Represent the Commission in discussions and other activities with the private sector reconstruction body, referred to in Section 4 of EO 838, donors and other funding entities, local government units, communities and sectors to be served by the Commission’s projects, and other stakeholders, unless other representatives are designated by the Commission for certain parties and/or activities;

d. Act as spokesperson of the Commission to the public and the media;

e. Undertake any other activities/functions that the President or the Commission shall assign for the fulfillment of the Commission’s mandate and/or projects.

SECTION 6. Provision for Budget, Staff, Equipment and Supplies. In order to effectively carry out its functions, the Secretariat shall be staffed with the required manpower to be determined by the Secretary and appointed by him or detailed/seconded by other agencies, as requested by the Secretary. Provisions shall be made to provide the necessary office space, office equipment and supplies, official vehicles and other logistics necessary for the secretariat’s operations.

An initial fund of Three Million Pesos (P3,000,000.00) will be provided from the Contingency Fund to immediately carry out the provisions of this Administrative Order. The allocation shall be reimbursed from the calamity fund to be enacted by Congress or other disaster recovery and reconstruction funds to be raised by the Commission. The future budgets of the Commission and the Secretariat shall be recommended by the Commission for approval by the President, and sourced from appropriate funds in the General Appropriations Act and/or external donations raised by the Commission.

SECTION 7. Repealing Clause. All administrative orders, rules and regulations inconsistent with any provision of this Administrative Order shall be deemed revoked, amended or modified accordingly.

SECTION 8. Separability Clause. If any part of this Administrative Order is deemed contrary to law, the same shall not invalidate the entirety thereof and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

SECTION 9. Effectivity. This Administrative Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila on this 9th day of November 2009.

President of the Philippines

By the President:

Executive Secretary

Source: Malacañang Records Office

Office of the President of the Philippines. (2009). [Administrative Order Nos. : 111 – 288]. Manila : Malacañang Records Office.

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